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Contact: Orla Kelly
Location: Cork
Telephone: 085-1566678

Service description

At Orla Kelly Publishing, I am just as passionate about authors as I am about their work. I started off as an author and am 100% committed to delivering the best quality, personal, bespoke self-publishing service for everyone I work with.

I have successfully helped authors publish bestsellers and award-winning books on indie platforms and care for everything so my clients can focus on what they do best!

Everything from editing, design, paperback, hardback, ebook and audiobook editions form part of my services. I also offer additional support services, which are listed on my website.

I am dedicated to providing the support pre and post-print to help you reach your ideal readers and make the impact you want with additional resources that will help you promote effectively and positively.

Ultimately, I take your story to print smartly and successfully as well as setting it up for global online distribution. The finished book is one you will be delighted to share with the world, stands out online and stands strong on the bookshelf.

Let Orla Kelly Publishing take care of all the heavy lifting so authors can keep writing! I work with a few authors at any one time to ensure each client gets the attention they deserve. Contact Orla@orlaKellyPublishing.com for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see how I can help.

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