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Woodcutter by Shaun Baines
Posted by Shaun Baines in , .

My debut novel Woodcutter has been launched by Thistle Publishing, bringing about a change in life that has already had a number of curveballs. Like Batman and Bruce Wayne, I...

Layla’s Song by Paul McCracken
Posted by Paul McCracken in , .

I started writing at the age of nineteen after attending a short five day film making course for the unemployed. I was the nervous, shy and quiet kid but I...

Circumference by Mark Ward
Posted by Mark Ward in , .

Ideas can come from the strangest places. There was a docudrama about Peter Wildeblood, a British man who was tried in 1954 for homosexual acts, who later testified before the...

Our Diligent Souls by Emer G.M. Lawless
Posted by Emer Lawless in , .

  Capturing a publishing company in the first three chapters was not what I set out to achieve. Writing Our Diligent Souls, I aimed to tell the story of a...

The Merrow’s Chorus by Gerard Quinn
Posted by Gerard Quinn in , .

To think that I actually thought all I needed to do was write my book. The book that I had not written a single word of in over eight years....

Using Pastiche to Create Convincing Historical Fiction by Matthew de Lacey Davidson
Posted by Matthew de Lacey Davidson in , .

Almost any time I put metaphorical pen to paper, a great deal of research has preceded the action. Perhaps this is due to my academic background; or maybe just because...

“It’s happy hour again…” by Yvonne Reddin
Posted by Yvonne Reddin in , .

In Secondary School, I came out of my shell. In first year, I would have been about 12, I was a nervous wreck starting “big” school. I had always hung...

You Are What You Write: Broken Mirrors by Marie McWilliams
Posted by Marie McWilliams in , .

Why do writers write?  It may seem like an odd question, but when you think about the risk they are taking, pouring their heart and soul into a book, short...

A Wicklow Girl by Brian O’Dowd
Posted by Brian O'Dowd in , .

“Da I’m off, gives a lift to the boat?”  Often heard from the Rathgar red brick. “So long, Da!”  Awkward handshake by DunLeary pier, the precious few quid transferred for...

Work (Part 2): Learning Swear Words by Michael Rigley
Posted by Michael Rigley in , .

Dad once gave my brother Jimmy a telling off because, whilst we were attending a summer party the textile company held for workers kids, Jimmy found a way into the...

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