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The Human Connection: Black Beach by Olivia Rana
Posted by Olivia Rana in , .

The man working on the checkout at Tesco began telling me about his battle with Prostate cancer. I can’t remember what had prompted the conversation, but I felt quite teary...

Hit Your Reset Button! Reboot Your Life Today by Michael Ryan
Posted by Michael Ryan in , .

I am a ‘Rookie’ Author and the world of writing, publishing and promoting a story is all new to me or is it? I often get asked what it is...

April Moon – Poetry for the Soul by Bonita Moscos
Posted by Bonita Moscos in , .

I am a poet, a romantic, a mother, a lover, a partner and a friend. I am so much more than meets the eye. Writing has been a part of...

Memories of the Vancouver Marathon by Jenny Crossley
Posted by Jenny Crossley in , .

The Vancouver marathon is described as one of the most scenic marathons in the World. I reckoned that if I was going to slog through 26 miles and 385 yards...

More Almost True Irish Stories by Michael Cassidy
Posted by Michael Cassidy in , .

It’s impossible for anyone born in Ireland after 1980 to fully understand the profound changes that have happened in twenty first century Ireland. The country into which I was spawned...

Crosswords by Claire M. Keogh
Posted by Claire M. Keogh in , .

Every day when my dad came home from work, and I would come home from school, he would eat dinner in silence from a tray by the fire, and read...

Inner Rumblings by Joyce Murphy
Posted by Joyce Murphy in , .

I have been a scribbler all my life. Whenever I felt the urge to write, I would grab whatever writing paper I could fine and scribbled stories and poems. Wherever...

Artists’ Notebooks by James Lawless
Posted by James Lawless in , .

The Kildare Artist Notebook project was established by Kildare County Council Arts Service in 2011. Artists were invited to take an A5 Moleskine notebook, to use it as they wished...

Leaving Sadie by S.J. Coules
Posted by S.J. Coules in , .

In my novel Leaving Sadie, which is released February 29, one of the supporting characters is a self-published author. After years of failed submissions, Ezra Cooper — an old man...

How a Movie Can Inspire Your Next Novel by Robert Craven
Posted by Robert Craven in , .

Anyone walking along the riverside of the Limmat might have picked her out; a pretty girl of about twenty, whose maroon-looking lipstick accentuated her wan complexion. Her arm, bent at...