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Bovver Boots, Braces and Bennies by Pat J Kane
Posted by Pat J Kane in , .

Unfortunately, life is not simple; one hasn’t any control over it; especially at fifteen. Having an unpleasant time in school in early ’67, I had finally returned to studying again...

Living the Dream of Being Published by Mary Crowley
Posted by Mary Crowley in , .

My dream has always been to one day hold my published novel in my hand, so when that day finally came it was every bit as thrilling as I’d expected,...

Fish on Friday by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

Even today, fish and chips from the chipper are, in my opinion, the tastiest of foods, especially if, like me, you were not allowed have them as a youngster. In...

Why I Write by Kevin McGeary
Posted by Kevin McGeary in , .

It all started with Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago, a novel I have never read and most likely never will. The year was 1999 and it appeared in my school library...

Why I Write about the Regency: A Suggestion of Scandal by Catherine Kullman
Posted by Catherine Kullman in , .

I have always been fascinated by the extended Regency era. Although the actual regency during which the Prince of Wales (later George IV) acted as regent for his father, the...

The German Bombing of Ireland during World War Two by Mike Connolly
Posted by Mike Connolly in , .

At the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939, the shaky fairly recently established Irish Free State, declared it would follow a path of neutrality. This period, as...

Short Story Writing for a Slow Learner by Michael Sheehan
Posted by Michael Sheehan in , .

Way back in 2002, I heard a radio ad for the RTE Francis McManus Short Story competition. Two thousand words – I can do that. I had no idea who...

My Route to Publication by Susie Murphy
Posted by Susie Murphy in , .

I have wanted to be an author ever since I was eleven and wrote my first ‘novel’ about a group of rabbits going on a perilous journey (eleven pages overflowing...

The Communion Dress by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

I remember it like it was yesterday. The postman arrived with a large parcel wrapped in brown paper and handed it to my grandmother. I could hardly contain myself as...

Taking Care of Business by J.D. de Roeck
Posted by J.D. de Roeck in , .

I’m not sure writing a novel was ever truly a conscious decision but having spent a lifetime in the hotel business I have always felt there was genuine potential. Not...

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