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Ezekiel by John Fanning
Posted by John Fanning in , .

The idea for my most recent novel, Ezekiel, was inspired by a very close French friend. We were in a café in Montpellier. In passing, I realized I’d never asked...

James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation by Colm McElwain
Posted by Colm McElwain in , .

James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation is the second novel in the James Clyde book series. The first book in the series entitled James Clyde and the Diamonds of...

A Silver Lining for a VIP by Paul Stretton-Stephens
Posted by Paul Stretton-Stephens in , .

I bet you thought that VIP stood for Very Important Person? Well, it usually does, but it also stands for a Visually Impaired Person, and that would currently be me....

Retribution by Samuel Wardwell
Posted by Samuel Wardwell in , .

My fiancée is one of my biggest fans. But sometimes, she worries about how my mind works. From creating a novel to writing an editorial, I tend to follow an...

It’s Who We Are by Christine Webber
Posted by Christine Webber in , .

I’d like to take you back to 10th June 2016, which was one of the happiest days of my life. To be honest, I’d had a pretty charmed existence for...

Biafra, You Broke our Hearts by Sylvia Wohlfarth
Posted by Sylvia Wohlfarth in , .

I was 13 then when The war was declared over. In the aftermath, it is now too late. How will I ever know what demons Haunted my parents’ nightmares. Dead...

Myth, Narrative and Social Action through Contemporary Fiction by Lynn Buckle
Posted by Lynn Buckle in , .

When whispers over book club tables warn of very strong themes, will members read this or bury it under shelves, under things to do lists? Like Cassie, one of the...

The Flight by Sylvia Wohlfarth
Posted by Sylvia Wohlfarth in , .

It was the summer of 1966, and the beasts of war, starvation and suffering were raising their heads and slouching towards us. Back home from my first year at boarding...

Bovver Boots, Braces and Bennies by Pat J Kane
Posted by Pat J Kane in , .

Unfortunately, life is not simple; one hasn’t any control over it; especially at fifteen. Having an unpleasant time in school in early ’67, I had finally returned to studying again...

Living the Dream of Being Published by Mary Crowley
Posted by Mary Crowley in , .

My dream has always been to one day hold my published novel in my hand, so when that day finally came it was every bit as thrilling as I’d expected,...