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This Evening Might Come Wet By Evelyn Killeen McCrann
Posted by Evelyn Killeen McCrann in , .

‘Now lads, this evening might come wet’ was the usual announcement my father would make as he stood up from HIS chair. The chair was located closest to the back...

Mislaid Memories by Michael Connolly
Posted by Michael Connolly in , .

As my old long departed friend Ernie used to say “old age is not for the fainthearted” and who was I to argue with Ernie’s take on the subject: as...

Temper Tantrum by Evelyn Killeen McCrann
Posted by Evelyn Killeen McCrann in , .

We are all guilty of throwing temper tantrums at some stage in our childhood. However, I have been left with the impression that I, the eldest of five was the...

Writing & Me by Howard Edmunds
Posted by Howard Edmunds in , .

Here we go about me: if asked to do this prior to 12 December 2018 I would have found this task impossible but now 1,000 words seem too little. For...

A Rainy Night in a Ditch in County Limerick by Simon Murphy
Posted by Simon Murphy in , .

On Friday I took the train home to Limerick for the long weekend. I wanted to do something productive – visit somewhere I hadn’t been to previously. A brainwave struck....

The Shadow Beyond by Daniel Reiner
Posted by Daniel Reiner in , .

Anyone familiar with American college basketball will know the name of Dick Vitale, aka, Dickie V. In the 1970’s, he did a respectable job as the head coach of the...

Father’s Fashion Rules by Evelyn Killeen McCrann
Posted by Evelyn Killeen McCrann in , .

‘Take that off, it doesn’t suit you’! Was the frequent order given by father to my mother and us, his five children, if he did not like the colour, style...

My Writing Life by Tracy Ryden
Posted by Tracy Ryden in , .

A couple of years ago, one Sunday afternoon, I was visiting my parents’ house with my husband and our two children. It was an afternoon that would change my life...

The Emigrant Writer, Eustace Boylan SJ by Paul B McNulty
Posted by Paul B McNulty in , .

During his final years of secondary education at Belvedere College, a centre of Jesuit education in Dublin, my granduncle, Eustace Boylan SJ (1869-1953) developed a vocation. To that end, he...

When Things Were Great! The Writing of the Novel by Eamonn Francis Kelly
Posted by Eamonn Francis Kelly in , .

When Things Were Great! arose from a short story I had written called Notton Doon which was based on a character or “voice” that I used to do for fun....