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Observations: Dublin 2018 by Mike Connolly
Posted by Mike Connolly in , .

Recently, I was in Ireland for two weeks and it was a wonderful opportunity to compare present day Ireland to the country I grew up in and said goodbye to...

How The Writing Began by Douglas “Ten” Rose/Lama Tenzin Roisin Dubh
Posted by Douglas "Ten"Rose/Lama Tenzin Roisin Dubh (see www.celticbuddhism.org) in , .

The Cherry on Top of the Fruitcake Many tourists act a little wilder while on vacation in a foreign country than they do at home. This is even more pronounced...

Patricia’s Passport by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

The early morning sun was crisp. I couldn’t remember the last time we were up so early, six thirty on a July morning, waiting in Dublin city for the coach...

An Underestimated Man by S.F. Irwin
Posted by S.F. Irwin in , .

The story of how this tale came to be was as remarkable as it was true. As great a fan of fiction as I had always been I had never...

Windmills of Ireland by Mike Connolly
Posted by Mike Connolly in , .

I suppose I must admit that I have an enquiring mind and sometimes my curiosity is taken by something which I come across in my travels and requires a bit...

Fanore by Denis McClean
Posted by Denis McClean in , .

I like to write about the very real and flawed people that we pass unnoticed in the street, just as they pass us eyes straight ahead. We all live inside...

In Praise of our Health Service by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

I must say I have been very fortunate. Health wise that is. I never had any real problems to worry myself about. So it was very upsetting when I hit...

The Connollys: A Nest of Irish Rebels by Mike Connolly
Posted by Michael Connolly in , .

Well, it finally happened, we went to Dublin and launched “the BOOK” on 23 May in Liberty Hall Dublin. We had a good turnout on the night with about 60...

In the Shadows of Dublin Past by Mike Connolly
Posted by Mike Connolly in , .

I suppose City Renewal is a good thing, “out with the old, in with the new” but, do we lose something in the transition, and should we be careful of...

We Don’t Grow on Trees by hwneild
Posted by hwneild in , .

The aim of my work is primarily to produce good entertainment to the widest possible demographic, however cultish and niche my novels may appear; widely accessible literature yet hard to...

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