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My Inspiration as a Writer by Pandora

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My earliest inspiration to write came from my Grandfather Michael Gearty, from Roscommon in Ireland, a dapper gentle man, who left Ireland intending to emigrate to America but instead married a Killarney girl who’d recently arrived in London. His stories involved everyday people who met with extraordinary events. No two stories were the same and each one was plucked from thin air and told with such enthusiasm that I sat in awe listening to them.

As a Speculative Fiction writer, my novels include those elements which explore how people live day to day, and how they react and develop within an environment which tests them, where situations incur a supernatural influence. With some of my favourite writing inspiration coming from, Charles Dickens, H G Wells, Conan Doyle and Frank Herbert, it’s not simply about good vs bad, it’s a much subtler consideration which boils down to the reason behind the choices we make, and I love to explore and speculate.

On the whole we are firmly anchored to the here and now; I like to think about the, what if’s, possibilities for change, personal growth, made possible by posing the difficult questions. I’m a woman on a mission to ignite that sparking of synapses designed to make the reader consider; ‘is that so wrong?’ Where is the threshold between what the reader is willing to ignore and what they won’t accept? This premise is one I have a natural bent for, for example I’m all about; under which circumstances would a death be acceptable.

Inspiration is the distilled evolvement of our experiences and mine are extremely disparate when it comes to the analysis of the human condition. I’ve lived in poverty, where it was a decision between fifty pence for the electric meter, or buying a filling carbohydrate – to working for billionaires. That hard-won perspective meant, I was left with the truth that interestingly money doesn’t play a role in the decisions we make to live and that knowledge is liberating. The reader of my books will be taken on a journey of the self; they’ll be challenged about their tolerances; what they believe they’d do morally in a given situation, isn’t made easy.

My path to publication was an exciting roller-coaster. I began my first Pilgrim book in southern California, fleshed it out in France where I lived next and finished it in my garage in Devon England. The book was forged in a crucible of loss, hate, hope and love, after a tragic family event. Ever the optimist, I travelled to London for the preeminent annual book fair at Olympia with one thing on my mind: to learn about the industry.

Olympia International Book Fair – Imagine three football pitches stacked one on top of another filled with domestic and international book sellers, publishers, literary agents and a scattering of writers. An open plan floor with tiny cubicles where industry leaders lent in to phones babbling in every foreign tongue buying and selling the rights to books. Naturally, Amazon was there with fresh faced, eager, well indoctrinated trawling through the wannabes, facing the scepticism of an industry intrenched in the tried and tested old ways – I listened. I submitted to literary agents and was rewarded by requests for a full manuscript, only to be told some time after, we’re out until the next fiscal year, etc. I looked at the numbers and people involved in self-publishing, J K Rowling for her e-books, E L James, Andy Weir, and thought, it’s about the reader, accessibility is key. I self-published and have sold the Pilgrim series in over nine countries. I don’t have the big bucks behind me and the team of people tweaking my book for maximum financial return but what I do have is freedom to write within an environment which is positively conducive to my writing.

I’m an advocate for diversity and purposeful evolution in all things, and that includes publishing.

(c) Pandora

About Pilgrim: The Balance

Pilgrim can’t be sure how she arrived on the deserted beach but there are definite signs of bruising from restraints and torture on her slender body – what she can remember is – she left them all dead.

They hadn’t come to gain access to The Vault, the repository for highly classified artifacts. They’d come for her – that was their first mistake. Now, she’ll have to act quickly. What she needs now is a business partner, someone above suspicion, and she knows just the man for the job. He doesn’t have to like her – just keep her secret.

Baxter’s days, as valet to the seriously wealthy and eccentric, are over. From now on he’s determined to let real life whip him into shape.

Serving out the last three hours of his notice; a package arrives fastened with a curious knot. Whats about to happen to him will alter him forever.

Order your copy online here.

About the author

Pandora, was born Claire Pandora Gearty in North London.

Aged eighteen, she received her first award for writing and moved to Brussels where she joined the Brussels Shakespeare Company and was involved with broadcasting. She gained an American Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Administrative Management.

Pandora has worked and lived outside of the UK for sixteen years, predominately in California, USA, for people who feature prominently in the media; this has given her writing an authentic and vital style.

In France, she finished her debut novel, Pilgrim The Balance; published in 2015 which has sold in over nine countries with impressive reviews. She completed the screenplay for Pilgrim The Balance, edited by L. Smith former Literary Editor for Lucas Film LA.

Pilgrim and the Geometry of Fear, released 2016, is to be followed by, Pilgrim and the Fall of Kings in 2020-21

Pandora currently resides in Devon England with her husband and two daughters.

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