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Abby Wynne: Energy Healing for Everyone

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Abby Wynne

I started my career as a scientist; after I got my Masters degree from UCG I worked in Sydney University doing research. Being paid to SCUBA dive was a dream come true but I soon realised that although I loved the fieldwork I wasn’t passionate enough to spend long nights in the laboratory.

I came back home to Ireland and got a job teaching computer applications. I enjoyed the interaction but teaching 5 full days a week plus 2 evening classes was exhausting. Around that time I got married and started a family. The job was too demanding to allow for a family life so I moved into Instructional Design with an e-learning company. I loved how I could teach tens of thousands of people every day through writing e-learning products, but the content, although I was good at it, wasn’t my passion either. I had two babies while working in this job, and spent lots of time soul-searching to discover my life’s purpose. I learnt that it was the process of personal growth that I was most interested in, so I began studying Psychotherapy part time, and flying quarterly to the UK to learn Energy Medicine.

My e-learning company was affected by the collapse of the economy; I had not yet finished my training when I left my job. I managed to secure a contract in course and assessment design which kept me going while having two more babies and qualifying as a Psychotherapist. I also qualified as a Shamanic practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher around the same time. It seemed to be the right thing to do, so when my contract ended, I took the leap and set up my own healing practice.

It was scary setting up on my own but I really believed in what I was doing and I felt the clients would come. I set up a website, a Facebook page and a blog and went out networking and dropping flyers. The clients came – slowly at first, and soon by word of mouth. After about 6 months I had a busy practice so I secured a full time space in Ranelagh.

My sessions are a blend of all the modalities I studied; I have found ways to weave them all together resulting in very effective, strong results. Clients come to do deep, powerful work with me, where pure psychotherapy could take 6-12 sessions or more, we would be finished in 3 or 4. This means I am always looking for new clients! To keep myself centred I developed a daily spiritual practice based on Reiki, and regularly brought an awareness of my practice into my day-to-day activities.

My clients would regularly ask “What can I do to keep feeling as good as I feel after a session with you?” I would give them exercises to try, meditations to do, or techniques to use in particular situations. I started writing them down, and after a while I had quite a collection and thought it would be great to put them all together in a booklet. When I finished my booklet it was slightly larger than I had anticipated, after showing it to some friends they suggested that I turn it into a book and sell it from my website.

I suddenly saw that by adding in some basic explanations I could reach a bigger audience, just as I had done when I moved into e-learning. It excited me! The idea for “Energy Healing for Everyone.” was born. A friend in Canada helped me design the layout and I created a PDF. I did research on security (I didn’t want my PDF being picked up by the search engines) and chose E-junkie to host it and PayPal for the money bit. Just offering the PDF to my clients and my Facebook page (at that time was 9,000+ people) gave me amazing feedback, I got some beautiful testimonials.

As time went on, people wanted to hold it in their hands or carry it around in their handbags. Some people got confused with the download and thought it was a “real book”. After several months of hearing “Can you send me a signed copy?” or “How long will it take to arrive?” I thought I should cater to my audience and I looked into self-publishing.

Balboa Press is a subsidiary of Hay House, and their energy felt right to me. I sent them my PDF and they accepted me as a client right away. Transferring something created for the computer screen into something for high resolution print is no easy task. With lots of help from Balboa Press I redesigned the book, and got it print-ready.

When I got the first copy I was disappointed. Although the photographs were beautiful and the text was correct, the energy of the book had not translated correctly. As it’s an energy healing book, the energy of the book is very important and the energy in my hands felt overwhelming. I realised then too late, with a PDF you only see one page at a time but a paperback book is a two page spread and that has an energetic impact. It was overwhelming to see so many exercises so close together. Wanting to get it right, I took some extra time (and money) and redesigned the layout, spreading out the exercises and softening the energy.

The second issue of my book was perfect. I was delighted when I held it for the first time and I am still very happy with it. I know that extra work will enable the book to stand the test of time. Anyone that has given me feedback has said the energy of the book is wonderful; they love its simplicity and the effectiveness of the exercises. For all the blood, sweat and tears that went into it, it’s so worth it when I hear things like “I have your book beside my bed and just holding it makes me feel better”.

About the author

Energy Healing for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Self Healing is available from Amazon

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Abby Wynne is a mother, a spiritual teacher, a psychotherapist, an energy healer and an author. She has a Masters degree in science and worked for 10 years in adult education before moving into full-time healing work.

Abby blends Psychotherapy, Shamanism and Reiki for a powerful and unique healing experience encompassing mind, body and soul. She runs a private practice in Dublin Ireland, seeing clients for one-to-one healing and mentoring sessions, running workshops and facilitating group sessions. Abby also works long distance and has many clients from around the world including the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Abby is passionate about her work and about the process of self-actualisation.

Contact her for more information:

Tel: 353 87 659 3626

Email: abby@abby-wynne.com



Twitter: @abbynrghealing

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