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April Moon – Poetry for the Soul by Bonita Moscos

Article by Bonita Moscos ©.
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I am a poet, a romantic, a mother, a lover, a partner and a friend. I am so much more than meets the eye. Writing has been a part of me since I was a young child, starting off with my journal, scribbling away, drawing pictures, writing words, writing short stories and then poems.

For me poetry is an expression of love, art, fear, happiness, sadness and everything in between. Poetry is an expression of me. I write about my own personal experiences as well as other people’s experiences. I feel my poetry relates to everyone going through a certain situation in life. It’s limitless, and timeless, I don’t have set times that I write.

Inspiration can come at any given moment, while I am a work, or asleep and awake from a dream, listening to a song, or going through a situation happy or sad, I write whenever I feel the need to express myself. I started compiling my poetry together in 2016 after going through a very rough time in my life, and 2018 I published my first book. Back then I had no help so the design, layout and editing I did on my own.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of editing mistakes, but this was my first book, which for me was a huge accomplishment that I achieved all on my own without anyone’s help.

I was and still am very proud of what I have achieved especially since I was severely dyslexic as a child, so, for me this is personal. I always knew this was not the end for me, I kept writing and have recently just published my enhanced edition of April Moon – Poetry for the Soul. A compilation of 165 poems. Of which one I would like to share here with you. It’s titled The Spaces Between Us.

The spaces between us.
I felt the essence of you flowing through me, you captivated my soul and I
let you in. I lost myself in-between the spaces between us
You moved me like liquid drenched in your love and I longed to stay
wondering in your dark and mysterious world.
But I had to let you go, you were always in search of something more.
But on you I have left my mark, pieces of me and what once was my
whole heart.
And someday you will look back to that first moment we met
that first glance
the first smile
our first words
that first touch
our first kiss
You will be reminded of the happiness and of the secrets and love we
shared, but one day that memory will fade like the pages from a sun
kissed book and in time you will wonder if that was really us…
All that will be left are the spaces between us.

(c) Bonita Moscos

About April Moon – Poetry for the Soul:

A collection of poems inspired by an amalgamation of life experiences. The poetry is soulful, nourishing, moving and inspiring, and can relate to many people going through different situations in life.

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I was born and bred in South Africa, my mom was a Journalist and spent a lot of time traveling, so I grew up most of my childhood life in Boarding School. When my Mom settled down many years later, we lived on a Horse farm, bust sadly we experienced a tragedy. My family was a target of a farm murder and robbery in which a family friend lost his life and my stepfather and friend were severely injured during the robbery. My parents relocated to South America, but I chose to remain in South Africa. Years later in 2010 over the Soccer World Cup I met an Irish man, came to Ireland, in 2011 our daughter was born, and 2012 we were married. But in 2016 we separated, I have now been separated for 4 years and am living happily with my daughter and my new partner that I was with for two years 13 years ago in South Africa. Yes, we are back together. But that is another story waiting to be written. :-) I work for two companies, I am Executive Administrator in a Media Law Firm, and I work as an Activity Coordinator in a Nursing Home. I am also studying to be an Occupational Therapist Assistant and in between all of this I am a full time Mom and Writer.