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Behind a Blasphemous Romp: My Stolen Church by Tom Quinn

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My Stolen Church

Tom Quinn

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I guess my journey to becoming a writer started with the discovery in 1978 of a sin that God would not forgive.

Those of you of “a certain age” will recognize the enormity of this. A pillar of the Catholic faith was our belief in an All-forgiving God. In those days we were not encouraged not to read the bible, so it was not until a convert friend showed me the Gospel entries that it’s existence was confirmed, 4 years later. Of course this led to equally serious questions. This of course is about religion and beliefs.

Over the years that followed I was a talker, rather than a writer. The usual, pubs and dinner parties, anywhere I could find a captive audience. On arrival home after these events, when my wife went to bed, I would continue talking to the “wall” and asking questions. I can honestly and happily say the “wall” never said a word.

After 1985 it was just dinner parties, and the “wall” became history too. Go figure!

During these years all relevant documents of companies were kept in storage facilities, not accessed by the public. This was very cumbersome. Along came the computer. It’s original purpose was data storage and fast recall. The big storage facilities became little, on site, storage facilities. Everybody, including the Vatican, put all their “stuff” in computers. Safe and secure and readily available.

Then, along came the World Wide Web. Information could be exchanged. You could put your information out there… advertise.

Anything you put there was accessible by anybody. It was all so easy and information became king.
Ah! But then the likes of Google came along. It took people a relatively long time to realize, that if one had the correct information, then one could access information you stored, but did not necessarily wish others to know. This could be catastrophic.

One could access private information, which was bad enough, but one could also pass that information on….

What happened in my case was I dialed up the 3rd secret of Fatima, and what came up beggared belief. Hitherto hidden information about Our Lady and Lucia. The requests sent to the Vatican. The prophesies regarding the requests. This was no longer a matter of faith, it had become a matter of the welfare of ALL mankind. And it had been kept secret from mankind for over half a century, in the Vatican storage units, on the orders of every pope from 1960 to today, 2019. The prophesies for mankind in 1929 were horrific, and they have been realized, and are being realized today.

Rubbish, you will say. If you care to do your own simple downloads you will find all the proof you need.

This so far could regarded as “guilty of omission”.

I did more downloads and I found “guilty of commission”.

I talked to priests (many levels), nuns, friends and family. Nobody knows about Fatima, or Vatican 2 or this years Amazonian Synod.

The information is simply criminal, simply unchristian.

So, in 2018 I wrote “My Stolen Church”. Interwoven with facts in a fiction story, but while dealing with those facts, I also present solutions. The word church in the title meant it would be firmly glued to the shelves in Amazon. No-one is interested in “church” today. And I don’t blame them. But the danger to humanity is not a religious matter, it is a practical one.

Your religion is not relevant, your welfare is.

Our Lady of Fatima gave Her credentials with Her trail of Immaculate Conception. The prophesies she gave to Lucia have come true. The events and documentation are not in dispute.

Having enjoyed writing the book, I decided I would do it again, but in a broader format. I wrote a couple of short stories. One involving the repercussions to us ,of the visit of a starship from a faraway planet, peopled by “different people”.

Another in the form of a series of interviews with God and the Devil. I can honestly say a couple of answers here surprised me, and I wrote them!

I wrote what I call “The Dear God Chronicles”. These are a series of letters I write to God, asking Him if He is aware of the libelous stories His people here on Earth have written about Him.

The stories are true, but I present them in a funny, cynical fashion.

I do not question God or Jesus, but I do shed some light on what the bible and the Vatican have to say about Him.

(c) Tom Quinn

About My Stolen Church:

As far back as I can remember the Church has been in conflict with the teachings of Jesus. From the destruction of the library in Alexandria (Greatest property crime in history) through the centuries to today. The Church has been aware, since before 1741 of the danger posed by the confessional to children, yet it has done nothing to protect them. Over the years many clergy I spoke to about my concerns gave me a wagging finger. So, I asked them again, in view of the apologies of JP2, about the bad things the church has done…”Name me ONE good thing (similar) the church has done since Jesus, you would back with your immortal soul…” So far…. not a single answer. Can you?

Order your copy online here.

About the author

I chose the name Tom Quinn, because what I choose to write about may be upsetting to some people.
I was a cradle Catholic, born and raised in Dublin 1945 to 1970 when I graduated, then moved to England. My wife and I have three kids, and they are happily married with families of their own now.
I drifted from the Church as a student and until our son was preparing for First Communion. The nuns asked me if I would like to be able to answer his questions…..this was about 1978.
So for a while I was back in the fold.
Finding out about the sin that God would not forgive was a trigger for me to becoming a Vatican watcher, and a serious critic of the Church (not the Faith), so I guess I became a delinquent, in the club, but questioning the rules.
One of the big issues in the second half of the 20th century was the famous 3rd secret of Fatima. The story of Our Lady of Fatima after 1917 is NOT about religion, but history, future history.
This has been my quest ever since. Tom.

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