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Children of Prague by Angela McCabe

Article by Angela McCabe ©.
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Sacramental ewers,
blessed salts cleansed and sanctified,
visible forms of invisible grace.
Relics in satin boxes, flowers, incense.
Mary surrounded by guardian angels.
Imagination run wild.

Mystical monuments
in my neighbour’s house.
Crucifix on a symmetrical shrine.
Night lights in crystal bowls
by a statue of Jesus
in red and white
holding his sacred heart.

Holy pictures
draped with rose quartz rosaries.
Peridot, malachite, lapis lazuli,
offerings in this sacred room.

Shadows fall. I jump
at the crown of thorns
on Jesus’ head,
the size of a man’s skull.

She talks in low tones
as if we’re in church.
I want to be respectful
but am mesmerised
by the Children of Prague
on all three alters,
holding orbs and crosses,
dressed in white fur coats.

To the kitchen,
an offer of tea.
I amble back when
she answers the phone
view it all again,
stunned by the sameness
of Buddhist shrines
she has never seen.

(c) Angela McCabe

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Angela McCabe is the 2016 winner of the Listowel Poetry Collection Competition. Several of her poems have won prizes and have appeared in various anthologies and Literary Magazines worldwide. Her first three collections were published by Alba Publishing London. Her fourth poetry book will be published in 2020 by Salmon Press. She is working on her fifth poetry book.