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Hunter K. Smith

Hunter K. Smith

It was a baptism by fire, early in the piece of artistic talented writing. I broke the Rules most of the time resulting in 30,000 words of a first manuscript perished into the ether. Re-born to flourish brighter.

Having worked for barristers/QCs for 20+ years, which included drafting complex documents, I wrongly assumed my writing was way above average! Having written proper, very correct, English for years, I now love stretching the boundaries of writing and structure. Stream of consciousness is such a clever way of transporting a reader to multiple parallel worlds simultaneously. I have given my editors a few headaches on occasion but a fantastic book was produced called Creating with a Bang! As this is my first book, I was over joyed to receive THREE 5 STAR REVIEWS from the International Review Panel and I have been on a few radio shows. It’s a whole new life.

Luckily, I obtained a professional opinion from a journalist/author on the first 30,000 words early in the piece. What a shock that was, to receive his well-reasoned critique. He couldn’t understand the story line, or the characters and where they fitted in. My command of English fell into a drain like a day of never-ending hail stones. In his blistering critique, somewhere, he used the words talented writer and I held onto those two words tightly for dear life and got working on a new draft.

With my tail between my sunken legs, I humbly realised that effective communication is worth listening to. Where I excelled was indeed being a good listener. I took on all his comments and with gusto told myself to do a much better job this time around.

I had been researching publishers for a few years and heard one speak at an event in West Australia. He had me at Hello and I knew he was the ONE. He didn’t disappoint either. Ocean Reeve Publishing is courageous, intelligent and he was well worth the wait. With 3000 published authors in his close view, he introduced me to creative world I had only dreamed of.

Because my forte lay in funny, factual writing backed by science, Ocean Reeve put me in contact with an English Structure Teacher, Sandra Vincent-Guy who owns Tyde Solutions Ltd, and she changed my writing life forever. We clicked and became instantly connected, through Skype as she lives in New Zealand. She didn’t write anything for me, just questioned my structure and taught me how to evaluate and correct my own work. Sandra was so much fun to work with and I can’t wait to meet her in the flesh!

The writing content was always going to be controversial for some. I wrote a fictional story based on true events, backed by science with heaps of quantum physics stories thrown in for good measure.  As you do. So many people had asked me to put my experience into a book and I finally said Yes. It’s a good feeling now because this worthwhile information is out there for all to share.

Not sure if you’re going to believe this but my husband had zero side effects from the highest doses of chemo it is safe to give an adult. Our daughter takes NO meds now for severe asthma and my own chronic skin cancer and abysmal health are things of the past. NO vet fees for our horses to date, through plants, food, nutrients and simple gut cleansing.

I love science and spent 15 years researching wide areas of science and medicine. I wanted to share what worked for my family – not out to convert anyone of anything but if I can help another human being after the misery my own family suffered, then I am willing to serve. I gave all the information away for free, for years and years. Now with the book, it’s a paid career and I love it. I am still happy to give the information for free in certain circumstances.

Big thank you to WriteFree writers’ group. As I write contemporary English, they kept me grounded, or tried to, and I learned from each of them. When I attended this group first, I thought I did not need a writers’ group at all! Well, was I in for another shock or two. It has been a massive learning curve and I have met outstanding talented writers there.

Also, our neighbours have played a huge part in my writing. One neighbour, Ricky, is an eco-gardener and along with my dad taught me how to plant and cultivate dinners from the raised garden beds very easily. This helped me write extensively about plants.

It takes a village and a community to share Ideas Worth Spreading and I could not have come this far without the fabulous semi-rural community I live in or our innovative neighbours.

The nuns and teachers who taught me English at Rockford Manor, Blackrock, Co Dublin, were women way ahead of their time. First on their education agenda was Justice and Love for ALL. Everything else came second. I think of them often and relish in their kindness and generosity which lives in my heart forever.

I dedicated my book to Mari Maxwell, my childhood neighbour, and her mother Dolores Maxwell RIP.  Mari is a journalist/author and a Master Creator living in Ireland. I am passionate about the two-page dedication at the beginning of the book and when you read it, you’ll understand why…

Growing up in Ireland was a hoot, all those nights at live music sessions with friends galore. I miss Ireland terribly but love living in West Australia. The wildlife where we live is exquisite and we even have tame wild birds on our property. My husband and daughter are Australian so I’ll be here for a while yet although they loved their trips to Ireland in the past.

Everyone has a story worth telling. What’s yours? I’m here at

(c) Hunter K. Smith

About the author

Hunter WAS a desperate housewife—sick, diseased, poisoned, uninformed and hood-winked—living life in a hazy state of ignorant bliss. She had serious sinus problems, seven miscarriages—yes, seven—invasive surgeries, never-ending mouth ulcers, one emergency Caesarean section to see their much longed-for baby, chronic skin cancer, stitches everywhere, COPD, neck and back injuries, fatigue and regularly vomited after eating. The list goes on. Half-dead, half-alive, she kept going.

Inn her book, Creating with a Bang!, she describes in detail what has worked for her family and their adored animals. She hopes that by revealing her way out of the poisoned maze, you can find it too.
The author lives at home with her family at last and it feels so good. You can find her enjoying a posh glass of Chardonnay and a view to die for.

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