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Digging Through Time: Sheila Keegan Groome

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Sheila Keegan Groome

Every morning I try and go for a walk as part of my creative ritual. I drop the children to school wish them well and turn on my heel to freedom. I find walking clears the cobwebs in my head and sets me up for a productive morning of writing.  As I wander along the footpaths and cycle lanes I invariably pass other souls out on their morning quest.

There is a lone lady with a large red setter dog each of them dragging the other along.  An older man in a rain mac with two large hounds who looks like he has been sent out (maybe for health reasons) and finally a Council gardener. There are not many people up and out on foot before nine am in my neighbourhood. Yet every day I meet the same white haired, long bearded worker. I find him all alone tending flowers and weeds at our roadsides all the way from the village to the town. Every time a car passes he stops, leans on the rake, looks and then returns to his work.

Simply be-Spring front coverI find later when I pass in the car I tend to wave even though he never recognises me.  I often think of him as I sit at my kitchen table all alone, the birds singing just outside the window, the reflection of the sun dazzling the screen. We both work alone. No one will know if we work hard or take it easy during the day. The world will still turn and just like the gardener I too stop when something distracts me- A machine to be filled or emptied, a beautiful birdsong or maybe just an urgent caffeine kick.

The solitude of writing is deeply satisfying. It is akin to watching a bulb draw up out of the soil and incredibly, frequently takes just as long to come together. I admire the gardener though. He is there each day no matter what and cannot hide with excuses from his toil. He can only stop and stare at every car that passes him by and then get back to his digging.

(c) Sheila Keegan Groome

About the author

Sheila is author of “Simply be-Spring”, a day book of positive thoughts, a contributor on rollercoaster.ie and producer of a short film of the hidden treasures of Wicklow Town. Sheila grew up in South Dublin in the seventies where television was rare and building ships on tables with large sheets was a way of life.When Sheila writes she  draws us home to this simplicity and peace, whilst not forgetting the chaos that inevitably surrounds us all.   Sheila’s next book “Simply be-Summer” is due for release in early May. Her books are available at all good bookshops and on the internet. You can visit Sheila at her website simplybesheilakeegan.wordpress.com

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