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Faithfully Unfaithful by Poraic Cahill

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Odd Life

Poraic Cahill

The weather here in the Basque Country is as reliable as its Irish equivalent. On Sunday it was warm & sunny and the next day it rained and was cold, which made the hangover I had on Monday morning that bit more uncomfortable. Still you have to receive some pain for the pleasures you indulge in; and as well as supping cider on Sunday in the sun, I also enjoyed my read of the newspaper Noticias de Gipuzkoa. It’s a similar read to the English Times and before Covid, I’d read it daily in Bar Trapaia – and since Covid, I buy it once a week to help improve my Spanish. On the back page it always has some interesting stories from around the world and one such example the other week concerned an Indian man being compelled by the local police of Jharkhand -a state in eastern India – to spend three days of his week with his wife and son and another three with his lover. The report stated that a Mr Rajesh Mohato had deserted his wife and son for a lover. His wife subsequently made a complaint to the police along with the father of his lover, who claimed his daughter had been kidnapped. When the authorities finally caught up with Rajesh and his lover, they discovered he had married her. We are told that the police then brought the three parties together -him and the two women- where a heated argument ensued. To bring some calm to the situation the police suggested a compromise where Rajesh would spend three days with his wife and son, three days with his lover, and have one day off for himself. All agreed and signed up to this. However a few days later Rajesh’s lover filed a complaint of sexual assault against him over his false promise of marriage. When the police went to his old home, where his first wife lives, to make enquiries as to his whereabouts they observed her shout into house from the doorstep and then saw Rajesh make his escape.

What I found interesting about this tale was Rajesh’s wife and lover’s continual desire to have him in their lives despite his consistent disloyalty throughout, which corroborates what the great Spectator writer Jeffrey Bernard once said about women being generally attracted to shites; and now thinking on this, I’m reminded of the time while living back in Dublin in the years 2003-2019 when I didn’t have much luck attracting women; maybe it had nothing to do with luck at all and there was somebody out there going around town telling the girls I was socialising with, that I was a reliable, dependable chap.

It’s a shame for Rajesh’s wife and lover that somebody didn’t say something similar to them when they first encountered him as it would probably have saved them the hassle of a bad penny.

(c) Poraic Cahill

About Odd Life:

From a German man accusing his ex-girlfriend of attempted murder by use of her 38DD breasts, to a 107 year old having a shoot-out with the Arkansas SWAT police, the author Poraic Cahill chronicles the strange & bizarre he encounters in Odd Life.

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About the author

Poraic Cahill was born in 1976 in Dublin. He has worked as a Gardener, Butcher’s Assistant, Barman, Administrator, Secondary School Teacher, Writer and when last heard of was teaching English in the Basque Country.

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