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We Think We Own It! A Journey Towards Sustainability

Tommy Treacy

I had no lectures that day, so I decided to call to John Meagher, (to whom I dedicated my book to), in Cahir.  Even though John’s health was deteriorating, he still joined me on a car trip to the seaside resort called Clonea.

After an hour or so, driving through the meandering country roads, John turned to me and said… “Tom, that tradition comes from the myth of Eden… we salute each other on green country roads”.

A year after John died, I was asked to lecture in Sustainability at work.  Getting this lecturing post allowed me to dip into the whole subject of Sustainability at a very deep level… the core subject of my book.

About ten years previous to working in Griffith College Limerick, I joined the National Seminary in Maynooth to study for priesthood. I didn’t become ordained priest, but I picked up degrees in Philosophy and Theology along the way.

After leaving formation for priesthood, a good friend of mine a Deacon, was accepted by a +Bishop to minister in his Diocese, in preparation for possible ordination to priesthood.  The +Bishop gave his word that if his ministry went well, he would ordain him priest. Two months after this Deacon commenced preparation for priesthood, the +Bishop met him in a local hotel garden and dismissed him on the false grounds of deceit. This happening in a garden, prompted me to begin reading the myth of Eden in the book of Genesis.  The horrific dismissal that this Deacon suffered resonated for me, with Adam and Eve being banned from Eden. While in my opinion, the +Bishop who planned it all, resonated with the dark crafty serpent who mislead Eve.

Down through the years I have always studied the ways of politics and church and I can honestly say I have observed a lack of truth in both institutions.

Being a student of Theology, I have the utmost respect for the historical figure of Jesus.  A most truthful honest man who was unjustly condemned to death, yet kept his council… kept his silence.

I am totally disgusted with the historical High Priests, who encouraged the mob to turn against Jesus.

I have always been inspired by Judas, who returned to the High Priests with the thirty pieces of silver in his hand, and threw them on the floor of the temple, as they looked away with blank emotionless faces. As the coins clattered off the temple floor, Judas confessed the wrong he had done… “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood”.

We Think We Own It! A Journey Towards SustainabilityMy accidental stumbling upon +Abbot Mark Barrett’s book Crossing Reclaiming The Landscape Of Our Lives, where he looks at the mythological fall of Eden as a happening fuelled by Adam’s greed, when he imagined that he owned the apple in his hand and the garden he stood in, was a crucial moment.

Being a student of Philosophy, I gained knowledge of Rousseau’s philosophy, where he states that humanity is born innately good, until the influences of the world and society changes some of us.

My admiration of Greta Thunberg, and her bravery to speak with truth regarding the global warming/climate change tragedy unfolding before our eyes was significant… a truth and honesty not totally present in political circles, where money and economics dominate discussions.

When John Meagher mentioned Eden, green country side and friendliness, I stored that thought away in my mind and heart… not knowing how or where I could use it… but I eventually did.

The other events in my life that I have mentioned above, all came together to create the tapestry for my book… a tapestry woven as I gazed through the lens of theology, mythology, philosophy, science and spirituality, as I attempted to answer the question why?… why have some of humanity such potential to destroy our natural world, in their desire and quest for wealth and property?

My book: We Think We Own It! A Journey Towards Sustainability, begins in a garden, (Eden), and finishes deep within the human heart, where truth abides. This journey is similar to the one Judas took before he breathed his last.

I began writing at the beginning of the Covid-19 shutdown, and three years later I completed the work.  Indeed I can recall abandoning the work for a full nine months at one stage, thinking that it wasn’t going anywhere.  Then I picked it up again, when I once again found the inspiration to continue.

I can still recall the day I thought I had finished the book, when I completed the chapter on friendship, Chapter 13.  At that moment the project took on a life of its own, as I added another four chapters.

So, I firmly believe that some of the thought processes I put on paper did not come from me alone, but from others… whose spirits surround me.

This confirms that there is something mysterious involved in writing a book.  I did not plan this book, I just began writing, and in a way the book looked after itself!

Proof of the mystery attached to the book… is simply the reality that if I had to write it again from scratch, I think the book would itself take a different pathway.

Yes, this book has been created because of certain planning, but also because of real accident. I sincerely thank my publisher Orla Kelly and editor Aya Shappel for the part they played.

The conclusions I suggested in my book have now become prophetic in their nature.

When I finished writing in early 2022, Russia had not invaded Ukraine, and the present energy scarcity and crisis had not yet materialised.

Yet in my conclusions, I encourage a change of heart in humanity metanoia, where I encourage humanity to take a possible cut in their standards of living, and reduce the amount of energy they use in their daily lives, to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

I finish with the hope that humanity and nature will once again return to a harmonic existence, where life on this planet is sustained in all its wonder.

(c) Tommy Treacy

Please do something in your life to reduce the effects of global warming that threatens this beautiful planet… even if it has to involve a reduction in your own personal standard of living… creating a pathway leading towards a sustainable planet, which will reflect the once perfect Garden of Eden. [1]

[1] Treacy, T. (2022) We Think We Own It! A Journey Towards Sustainability. Cork, Orla Kelly Publishing.

About We Think We Own It! A Journey Towards Sustainability:

We Think We Own It! A Journey Towards SustainabilityWe Think We Own It! A Journey Towards Sustainability, is a thought-provoking and progressive book, with scientific, philosophical, spiritual and theological roots, where people are encouraged to use their hearts and minds to seek a new strategy to bring about healing within humanity. Healing which will hopefully lead to improvements in these challenging global environmental times.

All age groups will benefit from the clear explanations of the issues that the author believes are causing global warming and the inspirational strategic plan he suggests as to how these issues may be overcome.

In this important book on global warming, you will learn through the lens of science, philosophy, spirituality and theology:

  • The science behind global warming, carbon emissions, and climate change, and how, in spite of renewable energy research and development, humanity is far from resolving the problem.
  • How humanity must have a change of heart (metanoia), and a change in attitude, where we strive to reduce our personal carbon footprint… this may in fact have to involve a reduction in our personal standard of living, where we consume less energy.
  • How inspiration for this change in our life style may be obtained through Christian prayer, (friendship with God), other world religions/beliefs, spirituality and the philosophy of Rousseau.
  • That we should get back to the basics of living a wholesome community life (mentioned in the mythology of Eden, before Satan appeared), where we show kindness towards each other, where we live in harmony and love together, banishing any delusional thought that we may have regarding ownership of the planet, and finally letting go of the potential to mislead others in our quest for wealth and property.
  • How this change in how we live our lives will hopefully return this planet to a sustainable form, as perfect as the original Garden of Eden.

I would like all who read this book, to be hopeful for the future of humanity on this planet. Hopeful that very good human nature (mentioned in Genesis), will prevail in the end. Where humanity inspired by genuine love, truth, and honesty, will take the necessary actions to make the planet sustainable once again, as sustainable as the original mythological Garden of Eden. Finally, I would like all who read this book to do something positive in their lives to help make this planet sustainable in the years to come. Tommy Treacy

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About the author

Tommy Treacy began his career working as a QC technician in Merck Sharp & Dohme, and teaching for a period of time in the Vocational School Clonmel. After five years in St Patrick’s College Maynooth he was ordained Deacon and ministered in the Irish dioceses of Cork & Ross and Waterford & Lismore. Tommy currently works in Griffith College Limerick, where he lectures in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Sustainability. The experiences gained on this journey, has inspired Tommy to write this book.

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