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Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity by Robert E. Kearns

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Robert Kearns

Robert D. Kearns

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Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity  was released through Black Rose Writing in early 2019. It’s based in part on the mythical island of Hy Brasil, which is Ireland’s answer to Atlantis. Hy Brasil was said to have existed off Ireland’s west coast and appeared on the maps of medieval cartographers.

I discovered Black Rose Writing through Authors.me, which was a platform for aspiring authors that linked them directly to publishers without the need for agent representation.

It’s since gone out of business, but the idea of Authors.me was fantastic. It used artificial intelligence to put the right manuscript with the right publisher. I don’t think the concept is dead.

I submitted Hy Brasil to several publishers but it was Black Rose Writing who responded. I heard from its owner, Reagan Rothe who offered me a contract with his small press Indie publishing business in Texas. They obtained an ISBN number then published Hy Brasil as a Print on Demand paperback as well as an eBook version available through the channels of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google Play, Kobo and Walmart.

I liked the idea of having my book available through a number of retailers but there’s always the option as regards the ebook of having it as Kindle Unlimited. There’s a plus to that for aspiring authors as Amazon is by far the largest platform. It’s easier to do promotional deals. The drawback is that you have to forgo the other methods of distribution, which means fewer opportunities for widespread promotion. I chose the default, though Black Rose Writing allows you to change that at any time. It’s something I might consider at a later date.

As a debut author, I didn’t quite realise how much was involved in the publishing process. Arriving at a deal is just the beginning. You can’t just sit back and assume that everything else will simply fall into place. You have to set up author profiles on Amazon and Goodreads. Then you have to go to work on the social media platforms and set up a dedicated page for your book. I found too it’s also a good idea to connect with other authors and perhaps join a few groups, both online and in the real world.

For example, I joined the Irish Writers Centre and am part of the Inkslingers writing group which meets there on a Saturday. I’ve loved every minute of that experience. I’m also part of a debut authors group on Facebook which has been very supportive. They help with your tweets and posts and it’s a place to learn about the experiences of other first time authors. I also joined the ITW (International Thriller Writers) Debut Authors Program. My publisher gained recognition last year. It costs nothing to sign up. They were very supportive and gave me a write up in January’s Big Thrill magazine as well as a further interview with The Thrill Begins. It’s been good exposure for me.

There’s a lot to learn about the world of publishing and I’m still finding my way. The experience of chatting with other writers has been wonderful and I’ve made a few friends along the way. We share ideas and run stuff by each other. It can be beneficial to have a Beta reader on current manuscripts. You also get to hear about what worked and what didn’t and share in the ups and downs. You’ll get bad reviews and so it’s nice to have someone around who feels your pain. Everyone has to go through it.

Writing a book is a great achievement. There’s a lot to be proud of and there’s something special about plucking that first copy out of the shipment which turns up on your doorstep. It’s not the end though. I’ve written to various newspapers and magazines in Ireland and abroad asking if they might do a review. A lot of it is tedious and mostly unsuccessful, but it has to be done. This is the stuff you don’t know about until after you already have your book on pre-order. It’s all a master class in publishing and I hope it stands to me in the future.

Right now I’m also working hard to complete my second novel which is based in Texas. There’s a long way to go yet and I can’t say a huge amount at this moment. However, the tale is a fictionalised account surrounding a period of time I spent in Houston in the mid 1990’s, as well as a person I met there who had some fame in Texas and beyond. It’s one to watch out for. I already feel as though I’ve hit on something special. This is a story I’ve wanted to get down on paper for a while. With it being set in and around a City and State I have fond memories of; so far, it’s been a wonderful writing experience for me.

(c) Robert E. Kearns

Robert can be found at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robertedkearns

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobertEKearns

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertekearns/

About Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity:

A highly advanced society, Hy Brasil is faced with pending catastrophe and Olan is determined to live on. Archaeological discoveries throw light on a civilization previously confined to legend with grave consequences for a young couple caught up in this extraordinarily dynamic enigma.

Set in ancient and present times, this is a tale for readers who adore adventure, history and extraordinary epics. It embraces influences of the Gothic, Dickensian; so too, Literary, and then bonds them into a story which delivers a thrilling read that will captivate audiences from the start.

With its colourful descriptions, complex characters and a plot line as well as prose complete with symbolism and imagery,Hy Brasil is certain to entertain, spellbind and mesmerize the book lover for Eternity.

Order your copy online here.


About the author

Robert E. Kearns was born in Dublin in 1971. He worked in the Accounting and Finance Departments for several multi-national organizations in several industries both in Ireland and Texas where he lived for nine years. His world experiences and background are evident in the writing he employs, which conveys a maturity and discernment to the plot and characterizations. Robert currently lives and writes in Dublin. Hy Brasil is his first novel.

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