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Kieran Ryan

Kieran Ryan

I have always been creative. I like to paint, to draw and to make things. However, when I finally sat down and decided to write a novel, I found my true vocation.

As my four kids grew up (they are currently aged from 8 to 14), I decided it was finally time to put down on paper some of the cool ideas I had been collecting in my head for years. My kids love science fiction and so do I, so it was a natural genre for me to choose. I adore the fact that it is completely open ended and anything is possible. You can literally create a universe and its rules from scratch. The only limit truly is your imagination.

I meticulously planned out the characters and the story for my first book for about a year (I guess that makes me a plotter), naively thinking I was nearly done. I was about to find out, however, that actually getting it down on paper is much more difficult! In between working a full time job, raising a family and trying to have some semblance of a life, “Union of Worlds: Deception”, took me three years from concept to publication. That was 2019. Although I had a vague idea that this book would be the start of a trilogy, exhaustion made me swear to myself that I would never write again …

Then something strange started to happen. People read the book and told me they liked it. They wanted to know what happened next. “When is book two coming?” they would ask. It was unbelievably gratifying that readers cared so much about the characters I loved so dearly. Before I knew it, I was halfway through the follow-up, “Revolution”. Armed with the battle scars from book one, book two “only” took a year from start to finish. Experience has taught me that the most important thing when writing is to do it every day. It doesn’t matter if you only write for 10 minutes—every word adds up. One of tricky things I found writing for a young audience, was getting the vocabulary right. Despite what we might think, kids like to be challenged and are very eager to learn new words. I leaned a lot on beta readers and my own kids to get a good balance.

Now, another year has passed and I’m now thrilled that the third and final book in the trilogy, “Supernova”, has just launched. My original vision for the world and the characters has been fully realised at last!

One of the things I often hear from writers is that they were voracious readers as kids. I was the same. I loved adventure stories in particular. I read books like the Hardy Boys, Biggles, Tarzan and anything by Jules Verne. That was exactly what I wanted to create with the “Union of Worlds” series; books full of action and excitement that could take boys and girls out of their everyday lives and keep them reading. If I can inspire even one child to find as much joy as I had in reading then it’s all been worthwhile!

The Union of Worlds trilogy is a sci fi adventure series full of twists, turns and surprises for boys and girls. It is suitable for middle grade audiences (approx. 10-14).

For decades the Union of Worlds have ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. However, on the once proud planet of Crade, revolution is stirring…
Can two teenagers really take on the might of the Union of Worlds and survive?

(c) Kieran Ryan

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About Union of Worlds: Deception

For decades the Union of Worlds have ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. However, on the once proud planet of Crade, revolution is stirring…

When the Prince disappears, Daru and Lizzee, two teenagers from Crade, get caught up in a web of conspiracy which will take them across the galaxy with the ruthless Red Hand army in pursuit. Joined by their strong-willed artificial intelligence, Aye-Eye, and a host of eclectic characters they race from one dangerous situation to the next with only Daru’s self-confidence and Lizzee’s brilliant mind keeping them alive.

Can two teenagers really take on the might of the Union of Worlds and survive?

Set in a vibrant and exciting galaxy, Union of Worlds: Deception is a thrilling science fiction adventure story full of twists, turns and surprises on every page!

Fast-paced plot, incredible action, dramatic world-building, exciting, daring, full of twists and turns; this is classic sci-fi writing as it should be!
Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

Fantastic sci-fi!
Marguerite Tonery, author Kapheus series

Enjoy this “blast off” into a world beyond our imagination!
Peadar O’Dowd, book reviewer City Tribune

Order your copy online here.

The trilogy is available online as an ebook or paperback.

It is also available from Charlie Byrnes bookshop in Galway.

About the author

Kieran Ryan is a writer and illustrator and is the author of the Union of Worlds trilogy. He lives in Galway City in the West of Ireland with his wife and four beautiful children.
He draws on his artistic and scientific training to create exciting and fascinating stories for young adults and anyone with a love of great science fiction (Kieran has a degree and PhD in Science as well as an Arts degree).
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