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Kathy’s Place (Saggart Hill 1954) by Paul Anthony

Article by Paul Anthony ©.
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Kathy lived with her simplicity in a rude tin shack
Which was her home on Saggart Hill

A little stream danced behind and a shock of wild flowers
Fought for notice against ephemeral multi coloured butterflies

Bees lazily collected their pollen and hens foraged
Between saplings, laying their eggs as the notion took them

They laid them just for her but once a year they would leave for a while
Arriving back later with their broods of tiny chicks

Inside was a showroom of auctioneer’s lots
Where nothing matched, it would have spoiled things if it had

The smell of damp was replaced by sizzling bacon and eggs
On a Sunday morning when relations came to visit after Mass

A robin would invite himself to dine with never a tweet of thanks
For the scraps of bread I fed him

Kathy is gone now and with her the shack
I visit her in maudlin times but not on Saggart Hill

(c) Paul Anthony

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Paul Anthony’s first book, “The Adventures of the Tricycle Kid” is a humorous account of growing up in Belfast in the Fifties and Sixties. He has recently turned it into a one man play. He is also a contributor to anthologies such as “The Incubator”, “The Blue Hour”, “Crannog” and “A New Ulster” and is proud to have his work featured in the “Big Issue”. His poetry has found a home in “The Camel Saloon” and “Athboy Anois”. He has read extracts from his works in Belfast, Galway, Delvin in Ireland and Misse in France. At present, he is working on a book of short stories and a supernatural novel about the Book of Kells. He toggles between homes in Belfast in the North of Ireland and Clonmellon in the South and when not drinking or writing, likes to shoot stuff.
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