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Life in 2020-21: From Fanfiction Writer To Freelance Journalist

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Wing See Li

Wing See Li

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2020 may have been a nightmarish, abysmal year for everyone but journalism wise, it’s a productive year. I won’t lie that I nearly overworked myself. Looking back, 2021 isn’t as productive as last year so far, considering I spent the majority of the time trying to track down and obtain the elusive PlayStation 5 and I focused my efforts on the first issue of my “Platformer Players” magazine. Not to mention, I attended the Writing Well sessions nearly every Thursday in an attempt to overcome my writers block.

Last year marks my 15th fanfiction anniversary. Since 2005, I’ve read and wrote fanfiction throughout the years. Originally, I wanted to do something special to commemorate such a massive milestone. Whether people like it or not, fanfiction made me the writer I am today. Since 2015, I’ve already transitioned to freelance journalism.

In 2021, I finally decided to pursue one of my childhood dreams and eventually built up the courage to launch an upcoming digital and print magazine called, “Platformer Players”. I got inspired by the many YouTubers that made their own magazine during lockdown/quarantine. Despite they’re not journalists, they make it look so easy. Hence the title of the magazine, it’s dedicated to all things platformers, whether they are 2D, 2.5D, 3D and indie platform video games. I’m planning to finish the first issue at 100 pages. The deadline is originally going to be 26th March but it’s been extended. The reason why I wanted to hopefully complete the first issue before that date is if it’s not finished, my first impressions preview of Balan Wonderworld will become old news. It contains articles, reviews, listicles, cosplay, interviews, posters, investigative journalism, fan art and hopefully fanfiction. I used Flipsnack to make the first issue and I worked on it since 26th January. But I plan on using a different platform such as MagCloud, JooMag or Issuu to make the second issue. When I’m experienced and confident enough to make magazines in the future, I’m considering using Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. The reason I don’t contribute to websites, magazines and books not as much as I used to is because I want to focus on chasing after my childhood dream. When I was a little girl, I used to cut out numerous pages from countless magazines and stick them together to make a fake magazine. Little me is already jealous enough as it is.

I know it’s wishful thinking but I hope things will eventually go back to normal. I’m not going to lie that I miss my old life such as meeting up with my friends, attending conventions and cosplay events, celebrating Halloween etc. One of the things I want to try out alongside go-karting is mini-golf. In fact, there is a mini-golf facility known as Treetop Adventure Golf near Manchester Printworks. They’re both on my bucket list.

Now that I finally acquired a PlayStation 5, I’m more than ready and excited to step into a new generation.

(c) Wing See Li


About the author

I’m a freelance journalist with 165 articles (and counting) and I freelanced as a journalist for 6 years so far with bylines in Metro UK (GameCentral), Film Stories magazine, GamesMaster Magazine, PlayStation Universe, National Autistic Society, The Migraine Trust, CharitySANE, Cotswold Life magazine and more.


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