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My Writing Journey: Treaty or Treason by Phillip Kerrigan

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Phillip Kerrigan

Phillip Kerrigan

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I am an Australian author of Irish descent on both sides, and I live in Sydney. My interest in Irish politics and history led me to this story as my father was a participant in those troubled Irish times. This is not my father’s story but he was the template for Joe Keegan, one of the main characters.

I was the youngest of a “traditional” Irish Catholic family of twelve, six boys and six girls though one boy died soon after birth in 1944.  As the youngest one always finds oneself observing what is going on and in a family that size there was a lot.  I’m happy to advise that there were no major or even minor elements of anti social behaviour but plenty of family life, arguments, discussions and strongly held points of view.  Having six sisters left me with a healthy regard of that half of humanity and it took me some time to understand what the “feminist” movement was all about.  None of my sisters were shrinking violets!

My working background is that I studied Accountancy, then worked in the office of a manufacturing company in Sydney and later joined a successful and growing cosmetics company as the Accountant and went on to a number of senior positions with them, leaving twelve years later. Unfortunately at the ripe old age of 34 I had a heart attack and retreated out of management but decided soon after to take on an Apple Computer reseller business with a partner. I ran this for twelve years ultimately selling it to a US based catalogue company in the mid 1990s.  Then for a number of years I went into consultancy work with Small to Medium Businesses assisting them with the challenge of converting to computer based accounting. More health problems decided me to retire in the early 2000s.

My previous writing could be described as eclectic as each of three earlier novels covered very different story lines, times and places.

They are in order: “The Runout Response” (published by Greenhouse Publications 1990) a geo political thriller based on diminishing oil resources for the planet and tensions between the USA, Russia and the Middle East.

Next “The Russian Major” (published by Penguin 1991), recently digitised and republished on Amazon as a “The Russian Major, A Cold War Chronicle” an insightful view of what a Russian officer endures as the commander of a nuclear missile silo during the Cold War.

I took a long break from writing taken except for one novel the MS sits unloved in a cupboard upstairs.

Then in 2012, I wrote “Whose Money” (Smashwords published) which tells the story of how a successful insurance company swindler in the USA inadvertently involves an ordinary Aussie bloke and an inheritance of $100 million.  I subsequently rewrote this book and republished it on Kindle this year as “Where There’s a Will”.

I felt having other books on Amazon would give me more “gravitas”.  I also firmly believe that publishing companies don’t want authors, they want industries!

So later in retirement and lock down and looking for a new project I started researching my Irish background, specifically my father’s involvement in the War of Independence and the Civil War and his subsequent internment of 18 months for IRA activity.  I had visited Ireland twice previously in 1978 and 1995 and planned to go back in 2021, however….

The research was very enjoyable and one is in debt to the help from researchers, authors etc whom you approach uninvited but who help you with information. Little snippets can provide chapters for a fiction writer!

Epic biographies by Tim Pat Coogan and Kathleen Hegarty Thorne’s trilogy on “Echoes of their Footsteps” hold enormous amounts of contemporary Irish history.

Kathleen’s earlier work “They Put The Flags a’Flying’” specifically covered the midland counties involvement in the Wars and it was there I found my father’s name, plus his two brothers, who were arrested in 1922.

In 2020 I decided to write a novel about those times with a template of my father’s involvement fulfilled by Joe Keegan, here is a short précis:

“Treaty orTreason” is a 20th century Irish saga of a friendship that faces many challenges and ultimately falters.  The 1916 Easter Rebellion, the War of Independence and a Civil War all occurred within eight years. They pushed the small country of Ireland into an acceptance of a future not many wanted but was thrust on them by a power they could no longer resist.

It tells the story of two young men growing up in rural County Westmeath and becoming warriors for their Republic. Yearning for the normal lives of nineteen year olds but resorting to violence they little understand and making decisions on the run.”

The MS was uploaded to Amazon and published on June 20th, 2021.  The young man in the middle of the photo collage on the cover is Joe Kerrigan just before he boarded a ship to Australia in 1924.

I have now started research on a sequel of sorts to “Treaty or Treason” which starts with Joe and his brother Hugh arriving in Sydney on Christmas Day 1924.  I plan to tell of families over the next 100 years growing up in Australia and being impacted by that particular country and culture, ending in 2025.  It won’t be my family but fictional families that experience that period of history in my country.

(c) Phillip Kerrigan

My Facebook page.

About Treaty or Treason:

An historical fiction of the wars of Ireland in the 1920’s and their impact on the Irish and their country, inevitably wars are about the people affected and their stories. No one is immune from the impact of violence and upheaval.

Westmeath, a county in the Irish midlands. It’s the beginning of the 20th century and two boyhood friends grow up in the rural countryside dominated by the British military in Athlone. “Treaty or Treason” is an historical fictional account of those whose lives were affected by the major events in Ireland in that time.

They grow into young men in a heart breaking coming of age, seeing the horror and heroism of the Easter uprising debacle in 1916 unfold in Dublin. But it is an event that ignites a national blaze and turns the two young men into revolutionary fighters whose secret activities put them in grave danger and change their lives.

For two years from 1919 they fight the Irish War of independence against the mighty British Empire all the time seeing the prize of their beloved Republic and independence getting closer for Ireland.

The brutality of their foes, the mercenary Black and Tans and their treatment of the civilian population forges their friendship and resolve. Their society has been torn apart, their leaders challenged. The boot heel of Imperialism stamps down on their country.

This is a saga of boys to men to fighters at a time when the world is recovering from World War 1. But for Ireland the struggle is just beginning and the fight will be ferocious and vicious against a powerful enemy.

Order your copy online here.

About the author

Phillip Kerrigan is an Australian author of Irish descent and he lives in Sydney, Australia. Phillips’ background is in senior management of a cosmetics company and proprietor of his own Apple computer business and Small to Medium Business Consultancy.

His company won three Reseller awards with Apple in Australia and attended Apple Inc conferences and many Mac World Expos in San Francisco. He sold his Reseller business to a US based Catalogue reseller. He then moved into consultancy work assisting small to medium businesses to utilise personal computers effectively in their business operations.

An abiding interest in world affairs, politics generally and how our planet worked had him write “The Runout Response” (published by Greenhouse Publications) a geopolitical thriller based on diminishing oil resources for the planet. This was followed by “The Russian Major” (initially published by Penguin, now on Amazon Kindle) an insightful account of what a Russian officer endures as the commander of a nuclear missile silo during the Cold War. More recently “Where There’s a Will” (Amazon Kindle) tells the story of how a successful insurance company swindle in the USA inadvertently involves an ordinary Aussie bloke and an inheritance of $200 million. “Treaty or Treason” fictionalises the involvement of his father and other family members in the turbulent era of Ireland’s War of Independence and Civil War and their aftermath in the early 1920’s.

Now retired Phillip’s writing is a late life pastime which he enjoys and is researching a sequel to “Treaty or Treason”. He is married, has two adult sons and two gorgeous granddaughters. He is extensively travelled (prior to 2020!), plays golf, reading mostly nonfiction, mild exercise and the occasional punt on horse racing and sport generally.

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