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Nights of 1969 by Angela McCabe

Article by Angela McCabe ©.
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Reservoirs of psychic energy released,
our soul’s spiritual longings burst open
a riotous carnival of colour, chaos and song.

Brightly lit Mondrian floor
blue, yellow, green, orange, red,
turns your white shirt to pink, purple, mauve

A look from your eyes, a touch of your hand
and I seem to fly to some other land.

We’re on the tables in The Clubland Ballroom,
singing along with Amen Corner.
Tune in, drop out, sounds of spicy lyrics.

Sideburns, droopy moustaches,
platform shoes, rayon wrap tops,
mandarin collars, psychedelic dresses
sway to waves of music.

If paradise is half as nice as heaven that you take me to.
Our kisses are worth all of heaven on earth.

We glimpse stars gleaming in the constellations,
hand in hand we go higher and higher,
don’t look back to ground.

Who needs paradise, I’d rather have you.

Light from the disco ball brightens your face.
Shower of polkadot lollipops wild on your hands,
carry us to the sturgeon moon, the green moon,
the barley moon, the grain moon, the fruit moon
where we lie in the lantern’s embrace,

where paradise is twice as nice as heaven that you take me to.
Who needs paradise, I’d rather have you.

(c) Angela McCabe

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Angela McCabe is the 2016 winner of the Listowel Poetry Collection Competition. Several of her poems have won prizes and have appeared in various anthologies and Literary Magazines worldwide. Her first three collections were published by Alba Publishing London. Her fourth poetry book will be published in 2020 by Salmon Press. She is working on her fifth poetry book.