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The Ahava Order by Robert Przybylski

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Robert Przybylski

Robert Przybylski

“People busy with everyday lives want to escape to a world surrounded by magic.”

Before turning to writing, I was fond of photography. Our family had relocated to a small village among natural landscapes in Warmia and Mazuria. I lived with my twin brother and parents at the time, and started photographing the local views, gardens, and beautiful birds. As I was busy taking photographs of the beauty surrounding this place and was getting lost in its uniqueness, my brother, Forest Blackwood, wrote a novel that depicted imaginary world. Royal Hawaiian Press is also going to publish this novel.


Forest motivated and virtually dragged me into the world of this complex and confusing art. The result was an essay named “The Shape of Things” in which I also used these photographs. An Australian magazine, The Big Issue, published this essay as my first effort in the writing field. As a fervent lover of fantasy stories, I began to write a fantasy novel when I saw the success of my essay. My first love, photography, helped me a lot in creating the leading characters, and it seemed that my ideas were reborn. While working with photography, I used to observe butterflies hovering here and there, day and night. Butterflies of the days were real butterflies, and the butterflies of the night were those who roam at night. I could see what they symbolized. There was a grace in their colors, resembling the masterpiece of some great artist. Their wings were more beautiful than anything. Their movement and flight left me spellbound.

The Ahava Order

I created my characters based on these butterflies and their energy as if they were magicians. They were fighters with the supernatural powers of mythological figures. They were powerful, like gods. The forest glades, the inhabitants, fierce animals, and birds were an inspiration for me to observe their behavior and living. It was my dream to bring these ideas to the world in the shape of a novel. The thought had stuck in my mind and began to come out  when I moved to Warmia. It depicts the experiences from which I obtained my life’s purpose.

Publishing of the novel

The publishing of this novel is also an interesting one. I was new in the world of writers and publications with no proper references. Several publishers refused to publish my work. There was a publishing company “Plot and Phrase,” however, which accepted my work after I motivated them to do so. From their point of view, the novel should be based upon my experienced in the Polish countryside in a similar style. Still, they accepted my writing and published the first volume. This was a decision that they were not happy with at the time. The second half of the novel will be published in August as I am now busy writing the fourth volume of this novel. The first part was released in Poland with 300 copies.

Foreign Publishers

After the first volume, I started contacting foreign publishers. British Publishing companies were responsive and asked me to send the English version of the novel for review. They had the perception that the description of the plot was engaging, and they wanted to go through with the English version of the novel. So, I started the translation of my book. When I was involved in translation and had translated eight pages, a foreign publication Royal Hawaiian Press contacted me. They were ready to have a market evaluation of the Polish version. I was curious now, feelings of hope, patience, and anxiety flooded my soul. I waited anxiously for their reply. Then, I was surprised with a miracle. They told me that they would translate the novel into the English and Spanish languages and gave me a contract to sign.

Fulfillment of Dreams

Now there was hope, and I was dreaming of visiting the unknown world. I was no longer bound to Warmia. I would shine and rule the world. Optimism was sprinkled in my everyday thoughts about my future. The world was finally discovering me.

The Bottom Line

This novel has medieval characters, and their brutality is hidden under the cover of humanity. You will find the characters similar to our real world. You will find butterflies that are around you today.

New authors should be optimistic and refuse to bow to adverse conditions. Try your best when attempting your shot at fame.

(c) Robert Przybylski

About The Ahava Order:

The Ahava Order describes the adventures of a new member of the Order, Morner and his Ajal Nymph. In a pseudo-medieval world, swarming with beasts, demons, vampires and other evil creatures, Ahavs fight in defense of their kingdoms.

Knights of the Order, in alliance with Angels, the Eovites, Nymphs and Druids, confront the beasts of dark creation.

Morner, along with other Ahavs, not only kills the evil creatures but performs vital functions for the kingdom, such as spying and more…

Order your copy online here.

About the author

I am Robert Przybylski, the writer of “The Ahava Order,” which is a dark fantasy. This novel was published by a Hawaiian publishing house known as Royal Hawaiian Press owned by Ms. Maria Cowen. I appreciate her efforts for giving me support.

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