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The Flow and Feel of Bouncy Rhyme by Joyce Murphy

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Joyce Murphy

Joyce Murphy

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I have been a scribbler all my life. Whenever I felt the urge to write, I grabbed whatever paper I could find and scribbled stories and poems. This included my Enid Blyton books, the white top and bottom margins of my parent’s ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Coat’ program, bits of copybook paper and even blank pages from other books.

As a child I loved to make up imaginary lands where Queen Bears from lands full of honey grass and purple skies flew in red planes and visited my house on a Sunday. Sometimes they would leave money, chocolate or small toys under the apple tree in my Nanny’s back garden. Starting at the age of ten I wrote stories to escape into rich and colourful places that were filled with all kinds of adventures.  I love writing stories and verse and that land of imagination and colour still lives inside me and now I invite you to live in it too through experiencing my stories and reading them aloud to your child if you are an adult or to yourself if you are a child starting to read and discovering books for the first time. Oh to be discovering books for the very first time. How I envy you!

As a poet and an author, I love the flow and feel of bouncy rhyme which is what my two new children’s books, The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair and The Bee and the Dandelion, are written in. These books will engage children of different ages in different ways, making them ideal books for the whole family.


The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair

‘I am the girl with the flaming red hair

My name is Rosie Red

And I light up like a flare’

Meet Rosie Red, the girl with the Flaming Red Hair as she skip, hopidy, hops through her fun-filled life. Every day is just one big adventure after another!

The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair is an enjoyable children’s picture, rhyme book – it is the story of a little girl, her life experiences and day to day activities expressed in verse.   The story unfolds around a playful Grandma, Rosie’s patient older sister, her trickster little brother, fun parents, her exasperated teacher and friends who first stare at her and are then won over by her fun, charm and zest for life.

My inspiration for writing, The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair, comes from my own childhood. Like Rosie Red in the book, I had flaming red hair as a child. At that time, it was hard to be different and I was constantly teased by other children. This made me wish my hair was blond, black or any other colour.

Now I know better and I am proud of my red hair as you children should be too. Therefore this book is my tribute to children with red hair, who like me; make up only 2% of the world’s population. It is a celebration of a child’s diversity captured in a colourful, vibrant picture book for girls.

This book would make an excellent starter book for early readers. At the same time, toddlers, kindergarten and preschool children can use this book for early learning as it provides a repeating word pattern which helps children, who are only just beginning to learn to read, discover themselves and their relationships with those around them. It is perfect for children 2yrs – 6 yrs. old. It is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Order your copy online here.

Please see the link below if you wish to purchase. For schools willing to bulk buy, these books can be purchased directly from the author.


The Bee and the Dandelion

And the leader said …

We will make a new law, all shiny and new

To save all the bees, and you children too

Meet Sally, a girl who likes to pick dandelions. But when a Bumblebee flies onto her knee one day and begs her not to take his food, Sally realises how precious flowers are to bees and their environment.

This book is inspired by a desire to instil a love and appreciation of bees, insects, animals and the environment into the hearts of children everywhere and teach our little ones, in a fun way that they can be proactive and play their part in protecting our planet and the creatures that live on it.

This book would make an excellent early starter or be an ideal book for an early reader. It will mean different things to different age groups and will I hope appeal to the whole family. It includes a back section with fun facts about bees. This book is perfect for children aged 2 to 7 years old depending on reading ability. It is now available to purchase on Amazon.

Order your copy online here.

If you are a school, you can purchase the books directly from the author by getting in touch on the website. www.joycemurphyauthor.com


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(c) Joyce Murphy

About the author

Joyce Murphy lives beside the coast in the South East of Ireland. Her favourite things to do when she is not writing is paddling in the sea, taking long solitary walks along the cliffs and dancing in the rain.

Joyce has always been felt passionate about nourishing children’s imagination and uniqueness. She is a strong advocate for sustainability, inclusion and the celebration of diversity. She also believes that it is important to support children to care for themselves, others and their environment.

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