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Tips on being a Writer by Kevin Crookes

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Ok, so I’m going to try and help you with your writing career and help with publishing.
If you were to ask a hundred people where they would go to buy a book or download an eBook ninety five percent would say Amazon.
So if you’re going to publish a book make sure that it is available on Amazon.


Make sure that your book is not just available in your country i.e. amazon.co.uk but amazon.com as well.

You want your book to have worldwide coverage and not just regional.

Two really important things here and maybe I should have left them until the end but I cannot stress how really important that they are.


Now let’s go back to the start.

You have a really brilliant manuscript so what to do next?

Now you need to decide how you want to go about publishing it?

By this I mean finding a publishing company or self-publish?

Publishing Company

Let’s start with a publishing company. To publish with a big well known publishing company you will need what is known in the writing industry as a literary agent.

As the title suggests, this is an agent that you pay to solicit your manuscript to different publishers.
The big name publishing companies will only accept manuscript submissions this way.
If you try to submit directly, it is known as un-solicited and will be binned or just sent back.

If you do decide to go with a literacy agent be prepared to spend a lot of money as they do not come cheap and value their services very highly.
There is also no guarantee that you will get your manuscript accepted this way.
I have never used a literacy agent so cannot comment any further on how successful using one could be.


Let’s move on to something that I have tried and tested, self-publishing.

Self-publishing is exactly what it says, publishing all by yourself.
Daunting? Well I thought it was at first but it’s not really.
So let’s go through a couple of steps really quickly.

  • You write the next bestselling book.
  • You logon to amazon and use KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) formally Createspace if you have heard that mentioned.

KDP is labelled as a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books. This through my experience is very true. KDP gives you a step by step walk through on publishing your manuscript and also offers cover design as well.

  • Once you have uploaded your manuscript designed your cover and accepted everything, you have a test copy sent you and if it is up to your standard you go ahead and publish it on amazon.co.uk and don’t forget amazon.com.

Hey presto, you have just self-published your first book! Congratulations!
Now comes the hardest bit, Marketing!


There are lots of small publishers on the internet that offer to publish your book for a fee and they will, but once it’s published and available to buy it ends there?
A quick side point here. There are also lots of small publishing companies that take your money and never deliver. Beware!

Always, always do your research. Do Google searches and read reviews.
I cannot stress this enough.
I am by no means saying that all smaller publishing company’s fall into this category and I myself have used a couple in the past but there are certainly many out there trying to rip you off. Back to marketing.
You could have written the next bestselling book in the world, the next big hit, the box office film of the year but unless the world knows about it, it’s never going to happen.

Marketing for me has been extremely hard and I have spent hundreds of hours over my eight years of writing doing it.
Like I have said previously I have worked with the smaller publishing company’s and when the book is out there that’s it end of, over.
So what next? Well here are my tips to help you with marketing.

Social Media

Build a social media presence.
Facebook. Create a page for your book and start by letting all your friends know about it.

LinkedIn. Connect with fellow authors (believe it or not other author’s that are in the same position as yourself do by books) and anyone else that you think will be interested in your book.
Google + and BingBing and any other social media sites that you can think of?

Get out there and let them know about your book.


There are some really good smaller promotion companies that will promote for a reasonable fee.
I pay thirty dollars a year to a great little company that promotes my books on Facebook throughout the year. Again be careful and do your research first.

The writing Industry

The writing industry is as cut throat as the music industry.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight, they won’t.
Believe in yourself and your work and never give up.
I never have and I never will.
My best wishes and good luck.

(c) Kevin Crookes

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Make Your Submission to Writing & Me
I am a writer who discovered a talent for being able to make things rhyme quite late on in my life and then decided not to waste this talent and publish my work. Whilst I was walking along a beach eight years ago things started to go through my mind and I found myself making everything rhyme. I thought then that I should really write some of these things down, so when I got home I got out a pencil and pad and started writing what I had been thinking about. Looking back over the years I realize that I must have had a hidden talent for making things rhyme but never did anything about it. Once I started writing I could not stop and one poem turned to ten and so on. I then published my first poetry book called AS IT IS and followed this two years later with the follow up to it called STILL AS IT IS. Through my love of animals and with the advice of a good friend I decided to turn my talent towards writing a rhyming children's book which is called Huxton the Hedgehog. I enjoyed this so much that I followed this with my next children's book called Meo the Meerkat. My most recent book is called Snoff the Sloth with other children's books featuring animals in the pipeline.