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We Don’t Grow on Trees by hwneild

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The aim of my work is primarily to produce good entertainment to the widest possible demographic, however cultish and niche my novels may appear; widely accessible literature yet hard to find. My work is realistic yet low-key, set in the real world, with ordinary people like you and me having extraordinary experiences, however boringly believable they are. There is no hideous violence, gratuitous sex or any hint of a virtual signalling or moral affront in my fact-based fiction. You will never be transported to a dystopic or sick world. There are no tricks.

My current work is commercial not literary fiction. Contemporary themes with historical connections. Beyond the Surf, my first thriller-with-a-message, suits kitesurfers with mercenaries, my second, Under the Bridge, combines parental neglect with WW2, my third, We Don’t Grow on Trees, mental illness with computer hacking and my fourth, the final one in this current series due for release in 2019, explores drug use in the extinct world of New Age travellers.

I want my readers to believe that the characters I have depicted are or were real people, living in the moment. That these are real-life stories, and therefore the events observed could well have happened to you or me. I want my thrillers-with-messages to be easy reads for youthful imaginations. Books to enjoy, to take away a few impressions and to move on, entertained and, hopefully, a touch wiser.

A Bit About Me…

I was born in Jerusalem in 1965, and brought up in several war-torn famine-struck countries. As an adult, I have lived and worked in countries as diverse as America, Malawi, Switzerland and Lebanon, and currently divide my time between Kent in England and SW France. I travel with my Patterdale terrier, Mister Bonaparte, and I have two children, Shea, aged 26, and Isabella, aged 13.

Having turned my back on formal education at 16, I completed two courses in France and entered the film business aged 17, working night shifts in Soho for Rank Video Services. Within two years, I was working as a freelance Film Location Manager (credits include a Working Title film ‘Paperhouse’), aged only 20. In 1988, I joined forces with Fierce Vision in Wapping, innovating the commercial uses for video within the fashion industry. Finding myself caught up in the Bosnian war while filming a pilot that retraces the steps of the first Crusaders, I was soon back in recession-hit England. I was next researching further documentaries, travelling the south and south-west counties with a horse and cart.

In the early Nineties, after a year on the road, I worked on dozens of music videos for bands such as Oasis, Pulp, Moby, Phil Collins and Boyzone and then took myself back to college, where I studied Agricultural Business and Finance. This led to working in Africa, where, amongst other things, I grew tobacco for Malawi’s then dictator, Kamuzu Banda. I went on to become a rural property developer and wine exporter in South Africa and then spent four years setting up an innovative web-based conduit for commercial property owners and filmmakers in the UK.

I have written a huge number of scripts for Fierce Vision and Sky Travel, as well as articles for magazines including Hampshire Life,  Flybe and Society. I have also produced a series of concept poetry albums with Hugh Vickers of The Orb.

My interests include walking the droves of England, gardening, cooking and horse racing. I am a keen tennis player and ocean swimmer.

(c) hwneild

About We Don’t Grow on Trees:

Jonathan, a confused mathematical genius and skilled computer hacker with a potentially bright future, wakes up to realise his life has fast spun out of control. He finds himself in the brutally real world of Rooksdown Lodge, a secure psychiatric unit. He instantly bonds with fellow patient, the charismatic and vulnerable Hal. As retribution for Hal’s suffering, Jonathan hacks into the computer system of MI6, where Hal’s uncaring father works. In the chaos that ensues, Jonathan discovers more about human nature than he bargains for and finds himself on a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery.

Told through the eyes of an older and wiser Jonathan, who returns to the hospital by chance twenty years later, We Don’t Grow on Trees is a story narrated with honesty, humour and pathos. You will be taken on a journey from stark hospital wards, to the upmarket streets of London, to high drama in Middle East and back again. This unique and exciting thriller-with-a-message from Henry Neild, written in the author’s inimitable documentary style, is not only a survivor’s tale but it also speaks to us clearly about the frailty of the human condition.

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Henry Neild divides his time living in a small village outside Winchester in England and rural France. Leaving school age 16 Henry worked in the film industry as a video producer and freelance location manager and later turned his hand to music videos for bands including; Oasis, Moby and Pulp. Returning to college he studied Agricultural Business and Finance which took him to work in Africa. He went on to become a rural property developer and wine exporter before setting up web-based conduit for commercial property owners and filmmakers in the UK. He has previously written many scripts including for Sky Travel and Fierce Vision as well as articles for magazines including; Hampshire Life, Flybe and Society.