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Jamie Gregory

Jamie Gregory

My name is Jamie Michael Gregory, and I am the author of The Talking Universe. My book has been described by The London Economic as a “deeply harrowing book that will take its place among the classics of self-help.”

My autobiography tells my story of overcoming child abuse, addiction, and incredible hardships. From the age of 5, I suffered sexual, mental & physical abuse from my father. At school, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, bullied, and began selling and taking drugs from the age of 12. In my teenage years, I became addicted to crack cocaine and ended up sleeping on the streets after my dad was killed, this resorted in me stealing food out of shops to survive when I was only 17 years of age.

Despite my difficulties throughout the early period of my life, I would go on to play soccer in Texas, USA on a scholarship, I studied Bio-Medical Science & Medicine, and I went on to re-develop hotels for the second-largest hotel chain in the world earning £50,000 some months. Despite my external progression, internally I declined. Everything I was able to achieve with my conscious mind became destroyed by my subconscious programming. The devastation in the early parts of my life would continuously haunt me and dictate the pattern of my reality until I surrendered, accepted the urgent help I truly needed, and embarked on a journey of healing.

Writing The Talking Universe has completely changed my outlook on life. I spent 7 years in total travelling around the world from Dubai to Indonesia in search of answers; this is what I found.

the talking universeFrom the subjects we are taught by the educational system to the medicine we are prescribed by the healthcare organisation, I have found that my best course of action came through searching and exploring myself. Through natural means, I was able to navigate a path which went against everything any doctor or teacher ever told me. When I learned the most important lesson in life that is not taught in school—the importance of truly loving myself—only then was I able to start creating a positive life.

The more I wrote, the more I realised that some of the books I have read about being successful and manifestation are detrimental. I took the advice given in these books literally, and I pushed myself to the point of extinction at points. Some of these books portrayed a message of working oneself into the ground, and when everyone is sleeping, make sure you are working. Only once I surrendered and allowed the path of my life to take its natural course, could I reconnect with my soul. Forgiveness and acceptance are huge challenges on the path of surrender, but only when I embraced this fully, was I able to accept the positive and negative aspects of myself without shame, guilt, or apathy. When I began to start loving myself, I saw that I had a tolerance for my weaker aspects; I then began to see that everything in life was not personal and the journey I had been on had no blame attached to anyone anymore.

How planet earth has changed for me as a result of my new insights. I have finally woken up and seen the world as a path that provided me with everything I needed once I became clear with my intentions. When each coincidence happened, and I acted on the signs of the universe, I grew, and each time I grew, I existed at a higher vibration. Yes, there were and still are mistakes, but guess what? Life is about making mistakes because this is what enables a person to grow and transform. The fundamental reality is this: the negative aspects of life are just as important as the positive, and it is part of the human experience each of us are all having.

The Talking Universe taught me that life is about feeling a range of emotions, and not just joy, happiness, and peace. There are still days when I get down and I am not ashamed to admit that, because life is about understanding duality. Today I am happy more often than I am not, and when I do feel down, I have healthy coping strategies in place to fall back on that make my down days more manageable. This is part and parcel of being a human being, and the Instagram world that portrays eternal happiness is not the real world. We all get down, we all have flaws, and that’s okay because we are all human beings, and we are not made to be perfect. I can’t offer you anything apart from that, which is the truth.

My story is now a gift to the world to show other people that they have the power to transform and change despite what may have happened to them. My life is now less about me, and more what can I do to help others. Although writing The Talking Universe was the hardest, scariest, and most painful thing I have ever done, it has also been the most rewarding, beneficial, and important thing in my life.

(c) Jamie Gregory

Website: www.jamiemichaelgregory.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com

Email: michaeljamiegregory@hotmail.com

About The Talking Universe:

the talking universeThe Talking Universe is a thrilling, unique and inspirational story written to help inspire people all over the world.

A combination of autobiography, spiritual discovery, and self-development; it has been described as a ‘must-read; for all those seeking to understand the purpose of healing in their own life.

The Talking Universe deals with challenging themes that have impacted me throughout my life -mental health, trauma, addiction, and abuse – and which, sadly, impact the lives of so many other people.

It also examines how failures in current social systems detrimentally affect the collective wellbeing of society.

The book conveys my hard-earned thoughts and guidance on these timely topics through simultaneously sharing my life story.

My long and incredible journey has led to self-healing, self-acceptance and, ultimately, self-love from depths that seemed unimaginable at points.

In overcoming my adversity, I have been afforded the gift of sharing my story and providing a framework for readers to understand and follow in my footsteps.

For those lost in despondency, The Talking Universe can offer a compass to guide you forward in life.

Order your copy online here.

About the author

My gift is that I can transmute darkness into light. I incarnated to show you that you yourself are your greatest healer. I refuse to follow the crowd and I am one of the leaders of new earth.

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