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Writing Helped Me Through all Times by Devika Primic

Article by Devika Primic ©.
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Life changed and I didn’t know how to do much in this new country.

I started a new life in the southern part of Croatia in Europe. Little did know where I was going to or how my life would be at that time. Fifteen years ago, I chose to leave my birth country, South Africa. It was one of the hardest experiences in my life.
To focus on a foreign language I had not spoken and to be part of another culture was a challenge I will not forget.
I remained positive throughout my worst situations and knew I would grow through all of it.
Writing means a lot to me.
If it wasn’t for writing I don’t believe I would have come to this stage of my life.
I started nine years ago since I had access to the internet. It took a while before the Internet was available in our region.
I had to get organized to have everything I needed to move on in a foreign country.

The moment I started sharing my experiences online I felt different. I felt more confident and the feedback is incredible from my fans.
Writing has changed my life in a positive way and I focus on the positive, not the negative. There is no other way for me.
I learned from my mistakes and created new experiences.
I don’t have a story published as yet. I am working on my story and want my special story to be a learning lesson for others in similar or same situations.

Writing helped me through all times, meaning the good and bad times.
When I was in laughter or in tears, writing gave me the courage to have a better day or a better start to each day.
I wrote daily to feel free and new on every day.
I believe in enjoying each day and that the present is most important.
The past stays there while the future I will never know.
I had not much communication as language was a barrier for most aspects of my life in Croatia.
Writing opened my mind to new adventures.
New hopes and plans allowed me to look forward to my new lifestyle in a new place.
From one country to another and from one continent to another had thrown me off balance for a while.
Writing showed me a new path to succeed and to be happy in another country.
Happiness from within has made me feel a positive person. I grew with the challenge and realize life is too precious to stay unhappy for no reason.

I shared whatever made me feel down and that changed me when I put pen to paper.
It is great to know I have writers who relate to what I have been through and who can send my message to help others from my positive work.

Copyright ©

by Devika Primic

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I am South African and of Indian origin, a writer and I enjoy sharing my experiences for other readers to learn from my adventurous life. You can view my Amazon page on this link to learn more about me. http://amzn.to/2wZkMUX
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