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Writing & Me by Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix

Article by Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix ©.
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My name is Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix. I live in Central France. I am a French academic but I also happen to write crime fiction. I have been writing books for about ten years now. So far, five books have been published in 2 different series. The first series introduces Irish lead character Deirdre McNeill, an academic for Trinity College. Her area of expertise is ethnology and ancient civilisations. Knowing her name and place of work, you can easily guess that the McNeill series takes place in Ireland.

I have decided to set my books in Ireland because I had the chance to live and work there for some time a few years ago. I just love the country and it always seemed to me the ideal place to set up my crime novels.…

Deirdre McNeill series

#1 Ogham. It is located on the Dingle peninsula. There she’s helping the local Garda facing a serial killer called « The Druid » who is advocating Celtic revival in a bloody way. On every crime scene, the killer leaves a wooden stick with mysterious glyphs on it. As the Garda is a bit lost with those unusual messages, Deirdre steps in and helps Superintendent McKenna work his way out of this bloody maze…

#2 Runes. This time, the plot is set up in Dublin, and in that book, the murders are in many ways connected to the Viking origins of Dubh-Linn, the Black Pool as the Norse men would it… Deirdre helps Dublin Garda all through this breath-taking investigation into a series of horrendous crimes.

#3 Rouge Ivoire (Ivory Red). Action takes place in Siberia, on the Liakhov Islands where Deirdre McNeill has joined an international scientific mission, working on mammoth tusk fossil, trapped in permafrost. But the mammoth ivory is worth a lot of money, and smugglers are ready to do anything to pocket the precious batch. One after the other, member of the mission are found dead. Deirdre realises there is a rat in the group leaking information to the smugglers. To survive she will have to hide, but in a barren place with no trees and surrounded by icy waters, it is easier said than done. She will have to find allies and trust at least some of the members. But will she trust the right people?

#4 is entitled Le Trèfle Noir (Black Shamrock in English) it is again set in the West of Ireland, in the beautiful town of Westport near Croagh Patrick, just a few days before Reek Sunday. Deirdre McNeill is here to climb up Ireland’s holiest mountain, but if all pilgrims will make it to the summit, some of them wont’ be able to climb down as a mysterious killer hides among them. But the victims are not targeted randomly. Le Trèfle noir is story of long awaited revenge that echoes a recent scandal that shocked Ireland…

The Albane Senon series

The second series is located in France with a French Gendarme officer Albane Senon as lead character.

#1 Carnyx. As they are working on a Gallic site in rural Corrèze (a French county), archaeologists unearth a priceless treasure. Among weapons and jewels, they identify a golden helmet and a very rare copy of a very ancient instrument that Gallic warriors used to play when they were marching to combat. Yet as the instrument is exposed in the local museum, the artefact is stolen. 250 km north, a museum director is found dead outside his office. Gendarme Albane Senon is in charge of the investigation. And will have to connect the dot in this treasure hunt over rural central France.

#2 La vallée de sang, (Blood Valley)

After a few years in Correze and thanks to her brilliant work in the Carnyx case, Albane Senon has been promoted and sent to a new station in Brittany. A few miles from there, a local rich and mad man is conducting a tremendous project. After having bought denizens of acres of land, ha started aksing sculprotis from all around France to come to Brittany and carve out giant granite statues representing all the saints from Brittany, just like the people from Easter Island did a few centuries ago. Thanks to his money, he even manages to have a statue from Easter Island to be shipped to Brittany where it will stay until the end of the soon coming world. Yet just a few weeks after the arrival of the statue, a local historian is found dead… Why was he killed? And what does the mysterious inscription found in his notebook mean. Albane Senon, will start investigate the murder and face a secret society that keeps a 2000 years-old secret and revealing it might jeopardise world order. Yet can she leave a crime unpunished and let the murderer on the loose?

(c) Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix

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Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix is a French author, born in 1974, and is an academic at Orleans university. He writes mainly crime fiction, but also write poetry, short stories and essays. He also works for a newspaper La Nouvelle République, where he writes about rugby and books - his two passions in life. He has his own radio programme dedicated to literature and has a strong interest in Female noir fiction set in Ireland. For a while, he lived in County Kerry.
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