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Writing & Me by Robert James Bridge

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I began writing some twenty years ago mainly as the result of a heart problem which prompted me to begin doing something I have always wanted to do and that is write.

Although at the age of eighty and I have not had one book published, I still enjoy what I do even if the pay is pretty bad. I did gain publication in 2006 in Canada, but alas the publisher went bankrupt after six months and returned all rights back to me. Top of my bucket list is hopefully to gain publication and actually see one of my books in the shops; until that day arrives, I shall continue to write.

I do not write in one genre since I have written a series of adult fictional crime (four books) and two books of historical fiction set around true stories using fictional characters, Also a book of Irish Romantic Fiction entitled S.W.A.L.K. Sealed With A Loving Kiss. And now my thriller The Black and White House. Have I tried for a publisher you may ask? Well, after many, many attempts I found it like getting an audience with the queen and this was true also of agents. Of course, the vanity press were in the background ready to pounce and those that wanted payment for publishing, but so far I have held out and await a conventional publisher or agent that likes my work and does not want payment. I have to say, I am excited to at least get five stars for my thriller and hope one day to see it in the bookshops.

(c) Robert James Bridge

Make Your Submission to Writing & Me
I am eighty years old and began writing about twenty years ago since it was always my dream. I live on the south coast of the UK with my trusty wife of forty five years, a wife who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and awaits chemotherapy. I think my biggest problem is most of my stories are novella type books and publishers frown on short stories since they want the big bucks. I do have six books on amazonkindlekdp and on https://www.inkitt.com/wordsworth which are free to read and hopefully review. Plus, I have more still in my head but I find as I get older it becomes hard work.
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