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Competition: Bridge Eight Fiction Prize

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Competition deadline: 21st December 2018

Bridge Eight Press is now accepting full-length fiction manuscripts for the inaugural Bridge Eight Fiction Prize.

The prize includes $1,000* and publication as our featured book for Fall 2019.

Founded in 2014, Bridge Eight Press is a Florida-based boutique publisher that believes stories build bridges. It publishes a small catalog of titles each year as well as Bridge Eight Literary Magazine, a bi-annual print publication. It is also the creator of several literary events in and around Jacksonville, Florida including the Abridged Reading Series and Flash Readings, the self-proclaimed best literary event under 30 minutes.

What We’re Looking For

Full-length fiction manuscripts—whether that’s a novel, multiple novellas, or a tight collection of short stories.

We’re not closed to any genres, but most of what we publish is literary fiction with that “other thing” lingering in the room. We recommend perusing some of our published stories to get a feel for the work that resonates with us. That said, we’re always open to being surprised by something new and different, so try us.

Quite simply, we want a book that moves our eyes and eats the cobwebs gathered in our souls.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please remove your name from your entire manuscript
  • 45,000 – 70,000 words (a little outside this is okay, but nothing crazy)
  • Times New Roman, Size 12
  • Double-spaced lines
  • Numbered pages

Winner Announcement

  • Shortlist finalists: Friday, January 11
  • Prize winner: Friday, January 18

Publishing with Bridge Eight Press

We’re a boutique publishing house that produces a small number of titles each year. This means we pour our hearts and souls into each book that moves through our hands—from first edits to marketing and touring. In an industry usually set in its ways, we’re into combining traditional and nontraditional marketing plans to get your words into the hands of as many readers as possible.

As a Bridge Eight author, you become family. You’ll have direct access to your editor and publisher, and be brought in as a collaborator in the production and marketing of your work.

Important Prize Information

  1. Bridge Eight Press will select a single manuscript to receive the prize money and 2019 publication, but will also consider shortlisted manuscripts for its future catalog.
  2. Submission fees can feel like a gamble, we know. In addition to being considered for publication, you’ll also receive your choice of Bridge Eight publication to enjoy.
  3. We’re looking for a book, yes, but also an author to partner with. We’re passionate about the work we do. Part of that is working with artists and authors we admire to make something the world hasn’t seen before.

*The $1,000 prize money will be spread across production milestones collaboratively predetermined by the prize winner and Bridge Eight Press.

Submit here.