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Competition: Storgy ‘Shallow Creek’ Fiction Challenge

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Competition deadline: 31st August 2018

The STORGY ‘Shallow Creek’ Fiction Challenge is a competition that challenges writers around the world to create short stories (5,000 words maximum) based on characters, locations, and object assignments set in the fictional town of Shallow Creek. Mallum Colt is the curator and owner of ‘Colt’s Curiosity Corner,’ a museum that presents an incoherent vision of the world displayed through wonder, enclosed in a small shop at the heart of Shallow Creek. Mallum will be the writer’s guide and will be updating the STORGY.com website each week regarding information of the town itself, to help inspire writers.


Shallow Creek has encountered its fair share of trouble in the past. From religious zealots that tried to claim ownership of the town back in the late 70’s, to sightings of beasts, freaks and monsters, its own inhabitants are burdened with their own dark secrets. It’s the kind of place that Silent Hill and Innesmouth shudder away from. It’s the town that Rod Serling visited once and came away with an idea for a little known TV show called The Twilight Zone. Anything can happen in Shallow Creek, and STORGY look forward to reading your tale.

Once the writer has submitted an entry payment (£10) to STORGY.com, or as Mallum lovingly calls it, the Town Tax Token, each writer will be presented with a CHARACTER DOSSIER of a local resident, a LOCATION of Shallow Creek and an ITEM that they’ll need to use in their story.

The judges will be looking for originality, technical form and creativity to deem a worthy champion and declare a winner.

1st Prize – £500
2nd Prize – £100
3rd Prize – £50

Sound like fun? Learn more, register, and purchase a copy of EXIT EARTH, STORGY’s last writing competition to gain inspiration. Read past winning stories at the link below. The competition deadline is August 31st so make sure to register soon.
Good luck writers!

Character, location, and Item Assignments
Feel free to interpret your character, location, and item assignment in uniquely creative ways…we’re looking for interesting and inventive stories. But also know that we won’t be able to accept submissions that are completely off the characters and locations you are given.

For example; if your assigned character is Krinkles the Klown, a story that hardly has him in it will most likely be disqualified. He doesn’t need to be the main character of your story, but he’ll need to be pivotal to the plot – If the character is mentioned in passing and/or has no relevance to the story at all, you will run the risk of being disqualified.

Likewise, if your Location is Silverpine Forest but is only referenced within a sentence, the judges won’t be impressed. Feel free to use genre as you wish, whether it be comedy, gothic, horror, romance, absurdist, surreal or drama – but remember that we’re looking for unique stories that run parallel with the character, location and item – Please keep in mind these are just suggested guidelines and are not explicit instructions on how to write your story or what elements to include.

Terms and Conditions

All stories must be uploaded on STORGY.com – The deadline is 11:59PM EST on FRIDAY, AUGUST 31st
When you are ready to upload your story – please refer to the original email when you submitted your payment.

Give Yourself a Few Minutes: The upload process takes a few minutes to complete so make sure to leave yourself a little time rather than waiting until the final minute before the deadline. We use Submittable.com for our upload process, so you will be asked to create a username and password if you have never used it before.

Confirmation Emails: After you upload your story, you should land on an upload success page in addition to receiving an immediate email stating that we have received your submission. If you do NOT receive an immediate confirmation e-mail and/or land on the upload success page, your submission may not have gone through and we suggest uploading again. Please check your junk mail folder for the confirmation email as well.

We would STRONGLY advise that you check your story before submitting for typos or grammatical errors. Don’t just check it once, or twice. Check it three times. Ask a friend to read it through for any errors. The Judges won’t discard your story if they find an error, but it’ll help you in the long run if it’s the best version it can be.

Also by STORGY:

EXIT EARTH includes the short fiction of all fourteen finalists from the STORGY EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition, as judged by critically acclaimed author Diane Cook (Man vs. Nature). EXIT EARTH EXTRA contains additional stories by award winning authors M R Cary (The Girl With All The Gifts), Toby Litt (Corpsing), James Miller (Lost Boys), Courttia Newland (A Book of Blues), and David James Poissant (The Heaven of Animals), in addition to stories by Tomek Dzido, Ross Jeffery, Alice Kouzmenko, Tabitha Potts, and Anthony Self. With exclusive artwork by Amie Dearlove, HarlotVonCharlotte, CrapPanther, and cover design by Rob Pearce.

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