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Competition: The Owned Voices Novel Award 2022

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Owned Voices

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Competition deadline: 28th February 2022

Owned Voices was founded by Leodora Darlington, a commissioning editor passionate about hearing stories from a diverse range of voices. This passion led her to design the Owned Voices creative writing workshop, a workshop created specifically for writers from backgrounds traditionally under-represented in publishing. In 2021 she launched the Owned Voices Novel Award.

The Owned Voices Novel Award aims to give its two winners the best possible chance of finding an agent or publisher for their work.

So, what’s up for grabs?

The shortlisted writers

Ten shortlisted writers will be invited to a virtual ‘Routes to Getting Published’ Q&A session with a panel of industry experts. During the session, the panellists will discuss tips for submitting manuscripts to agents and editors, as well as giving all attending writers the opportunity to ask them questions about the publishing industry and how to secure an agent or publisher. The session aims to demystify the way the publishing industry works and equip attending writers with top tips on getting their submissions to stand out from the crowd.

The winners

From the shortlisted writers, two authors will be selected as the novel award winners. Each winner will receive a £250 cash prize. The winners will also either be paired up with agent Emily Glenister or editorial director Rhea Kurien for mentoring. Winners will first receive written feedback, followed by a one-to-one virtual mentoring meeting with their partnered publishing professional, which will cover the editorial advice given on how to strengthen their novel as well as specialised advice on the next steps for the author in terms of seeking a publishing deal. The winners will also have two follow-up calls with their publishing professional within six months of their first to discuss progress.

Entry Criteria

Writers must be from an under-represented background

Writers must be unagented

Writers may only submit one novel for consideration

At point of submission, writers must have at least 40,000 words of a manuscript available

Submissions must fall into one of the following categories:

Crime, Thrillers and Mystery

Contemporary Romance

Historical Fiction

Contemporary Family Life Fiction

Book Club Fiction

See here for further information and to apply.

  • allianceindependentauthors.org
  • www.designforwriters.com

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