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Fabula Press Nivalis 2017 Contest

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Fabula Press comp
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Closing date: Each year, the winter (Nivalis) contest opens on 01 January, and submissions will be accepted till 31 March.
Fabula Press runs bi-annual theme driven creative writing competitions, with cash awards if you are a shortlisted finalist, and an opportunity to be published in an anthology if your story features in the longlist. Each such anthology features 12-15 short stories, and will be available at leading online bookstores. They shall also be undertaking online marketing campaigns to help sales.
Fabula Press is, as Quill & Ink was (the original online magazine that it was born from), a not-for-profit outfit – all the persons involved hold paying jobs – find out more about Fabula’s background and mission here. 

Prizes: The contest carries the following prizes:

First Prize:      US$250
Second Prize: US$150
Third Prize:     US$100

All longlisted entries (top 15-20) get published in an anthology, and non-prize winning longlisted entries will be paid US$50 each.

Theme: None. There is no restriction on genre either, and we are happy  to read historical fiction, mystery/suspense, and horror. However, for consistency of presentation we cannot accept children’s stories, fantasy, young adult or chick lit; likewise hardcore science fiction is not something we are looking for, but are open to science based / alternative history based literary works. In case of doubt, it is best to query the editorial team.

Word count: Minimum 1500, maximum 7000.

Entry fee: US$10.

Judges: The panel of judges comprises:

  • Clare Wallace, Literary Agent with Darley Anderson
  • Sandra Sawicka, Literary Agent and Foreign Rights Manager with Marjacq Scripts
  • Brett Alan Sanders, Author, Translator and Essayist
  • Anisha Bhaduri, Author and award winning journalist

For more details on the contest and to submit, click here.

2016 Contest Results

You’ll see quite a lot of Irish names on this list!

The judging panel comprised the Fabula Press Team, Literary Agents Clare Wallace and Sandra Sawicka, and Authors Brett Alan Sanders and Joanna Ezekiel.

They say “Firstly the list of stories deserving a special mention – these are the tales that were great reads but narrowly missed out on being selected for the final long-list. The competition remained stiff, with our cut-off score for the initial round of screening at eight and a half on a scale of ten. To put this in perspective, the maximum score notched up was below nine.

So without further ado, the Special Mention stories list:

And They Carried On ~ Andrew Cotten

Jerry Find his Place ~ Kevin Moriarty

The Sleepwalkers ~ Peter Newall

We Roll with the Lord ~ Anne McGouran

The Cutting ~ Patrick Gardiner

Sonny’s Last Day – Richard Philip 

Homeless Gary Busey ~ Tim O’Leary

The Vigil of Evergreen ~ Niamh MacCabe

Charmed ~ Janet Olearski

Belle’s Baubles ~ Claire Murray

Annalyn Seeks the Sky ~ Heather Marshall

Golgotha ~ Samuel Medley

The Aftermath ~ Clive West

A SwingEdouard Loigerot

The Spaces in Between ~ Sarah Evans

Silver Harvest ~ Ali Bacon

Uncle Piet ~ Brenda Eisenberg

The final sixteen stories that were long-listed comprise a mix of genres ranging from literary fiction to horror to comedy. Apart from the winning entries and the Editors’ Pick awardees, there were ten honourable mention stories which will be published in the Aestas 2016 anthology and will be paid US$50 each. These are:

Knitting to Oblivion by Katy Wimhurst 

Running Toward the Sun from Jen Knox

Patrick Martin with My Son to Count

The Interests of Science by Mark Fabiano

Rebecca Lloyd’s The Ringers

The Duchess of  Windsor’s Dog by Jeffrey Manton

Keya  Guimaraes with Spells the Phantom

The Last Communist by Elena Croitoru

Elvis Hadzic’s  Man of God

Dark Sky by Eric Van Meter

Editor’s Pick Awards of US$75 are given to tales that finished in the top ten and had a perfect score from at least one of the judges. The Editor’s Picks for Aestas 2016 are:

In Dogpoo Park by Andrew Peters

Andrew Mayne’s Vinegar Hill

Like our last contest, we have decided to award two joint third place winners this time as well for our Grand Prizes:

At joint third place, winning US$100 are

Haydon Rochester Jr. for Departure and Pia Ghosh-Roy for Nesting Dolls

The second prize of US$150 goes to Jeffrey J. Cravens, for How to Survive Bedtime

And the winner, with cash prize of US$250 is Katherine Pringle for “Athry Lake”. This is her first short story to be published.

Congratulations to the winners and a heartfelt thanks from Fabula Press to all who participated, and to the judges. We hope to see you again with our winter edition in January 2017.

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