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Competition: Wild Atlantic Writing Awards 2020

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Wild Atlantic

By Writing.ie

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Competitions deadline: 10th December 2020

The second edition of the Wild Atlantic Writing Awards is now open for flash fiction and creative nonfiction. I would appreciate if you could please share it with your fellow writers.

Deadline for submissions is December 10, 2020

Flash Fiction Award

This category is open to all genres – sci-fi, crime, romance, horror, humor, thriller, fantasy, mystery, whatever tickles you and your Muse’s fancy – but on one single theme:


In other words, upon reading your story, judges are left in no doubt that a key element in it is linked in some way to Nature. It could even be that a tree, plant, stone or other being or Nature in its multitude of expressions plays a key role in your story.

Maximum length 500 words (please be mindful of this requirement, even one word over the limit can disqualify your entry). Maximum length does not include the title.

The winner will receive 500 euro in cash.

Creative Nonfiction Award

As for our creative nonfiction competition, we offer you a similar challenge: to write a story of not more than 500 words (not including the title) inspired by the same subject:


Your story can be in the form of memoir, profile, literary journalism, personal essay, food, travel (and remember, award-winning travel articles don’t have to be about exotic destinations, it could be about your own hometown), or any creative nonfiction category you prefer.

Upon reading competition entries, judges should be left in no doubt that a key element in your writing is linked in some way to Nature in its multitude of expressions, mentioned clearly in the narrative or is the actual focus of your story.

The winner will receive 500 euro in cash.

See here for further information and to enter.

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