Dismantle by Anne Tannam, Linenhall, Belfast

13 July 2024

Event details

Date: 13 July 2024
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Linenhall Arts Centre
Location: http://www.thelinenhall.com/visit/location-map.php
Organiser: The Linenhall Arts Centre & Salmon Poetry
Fee: 7euro
Contact details: info@thelinenhall.com

Event description

Salmon Poetry, in association with the Linenhall Arts Centre invites you to celebrate the launch of a new collection of poetry, ‘dismantle’ by Anne Tannam, alongside guest speaker Alice Kinsella. Followed by an Open Mic for everyone.

dismantle is a moving excavation of what it means to be a woman in the world today. Peeling back layers of meaning with precision, Tannam brings us a wild underworld of lost children, mothers and crones, each imbued with a fierce agency often denied them in the old myths.

“Formally and linguistically virtuosic, dismantle is both an exquisite undoing, and a call to explore the wide world.” Jessica Traynor, Author of Pit Lullabies. To find out more about dismantle, visit https://www.salmonpoetry.com/d…

Anne Tannam is the award winning author of four poetry collections: Take This Life (Wordonthestreet 2011), Tides Shifting Across My Sitting Room Floor (Salmon 2017), Twenty-six Letters of a New Alphabet (2021) and dismantle (2024). She is the current Poet in Residence with Poetry Ireland. For more on her poetry, visit www.annetannampoetry.ie

Anne is also a professional certified coach (PCC) who helps writers design and sustain flourishing writing practices. She regularly runs workshops and clinics nationwide and internationally. For more on Anne’s coaching, visit www.creativecoaching.ie

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