• West Cork Literary Festival 2021

Winning the Writing Game: Simon Scarrow on Blackout

7 May 2021

Event details

Date: 7 May 2021
Time: 12 noon BST
Venue: online
Location: online
Organiser: Writing.ie
Fee: Free
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Event description

Multi million seller Simon Scarrow joins Simon Trewin and Sam Blake for Winning the Writing Game, discussing his new thriller BLACKOUT, and what it takes to reach the top.
Simon Scarrow’s passion for writing began at an early age. After a childhood spent travelling the world, he pursued his great love of history as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. His Roman soldier heroes Cato and Macro made their debut in 2000 in UNDER THE EAGLE, and have subsequently appeared in many bestsellers in the Eagles of the Empire series, including CENTURION, THE GLADIATOR, THE BLOOD OF ROME, and THE EMPEROR’S EXILE.
Simon is also the author of the novels YOUNG BLOODS, THE GENERALS, FIRE AND SWORD and THE FIELDS OF DEATH, chronicling the lives of the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte, and of SWORD & SCIMITAR, the epic tale of the 1565 Siege of Malta, and HEARTS OF STONE, set in Greece during the Second World War.
Simon has also co-written with T. J. Andrews three bestselling novels set in the Roman era, ARENA, INVADER and PIRATA.
Writing with Lee Francis, Simon is the author of the contemporary thriller PLAYING WITH DEATH.
His latest novel BLACKOUT is set during World War Two and is described by David Young: ‘Scarrow has created a character who’s a more than worthy successor to Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther. Blackout is a gripping, terrifying read . . . historical crime fiction at its finest’
Berlin, December 1939
As Germany goes to war, the Nazis tighten their terrifying grip. Paranoia in the capital is intensified by a rigidly enforced blackout that plunges the city into oppressive darkness every night, as the bleak winter sun sets.
When a young woman is found brutally murdered, Criminal Inspector Horst Schenke is under immense pressure to solve the case, swiftly. Treated with suspicion by his superiors for his failure to join the Nazi Party, Schenke walks a perilous line – for disloyalty is a death sentence.
The discovery of a second victim confirms Schenke’s worst fears. He must uncover the truth before evil strikes again.
As the investigation takes him closer to the sinister heart of the regime, Schenke realises there is danger everywhere – and the warring factions of the Reich can be as deadly as a killer stalking the streets . .
Grab your copy here https://www.easons.com/blackout-simon-scarrow-9781472258557

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