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Berries for Singing Birds by Eileen Casey
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On 15th October 2019, together with three other gorgeous Arlen House collections, my new poetry book will launch in The Irish Writers’ Centre. I’ve always been fascinated by avian life...

Going to the Dark Side: Nóinín by Máire Zepf

My writing career so far has been painted in primary colours: think bears in bow-ties on their first day of school, roaring dragons, fairytale witches, super-sorting robots and ever-so-fancy fairy...

The Poetry of the Waiting Room by Nessa O’Mahony
Posted by Nessa O'Mahony in > Interviews > Poets

Nessa O’Mahony on the inspiration for her latest collection of poems. Another year, another waiting room. This time in St. Vincent’s Hospital, with about seven other nervous-looking woman, lined up...

Sidelines: Tongues by Peggy O’Brien
Posted by Peggy O'Brien in > Interviews > Poets

One summer in Dalkey, some ten years ago, my friend of nearly half a century, Harriet O’Donovan Sheehy, gave me two objects, both prized items from her household. At lunch...

Poetry is a Job for Life: The x of y by Colin Dardis
Posted by Colin Dardis in > Interviews > Poets

Throughout secondary school, I wrote poetry: it started off as writing silly little verses to entertain my friends, and then onto more serious matters, namely girls and affairs of the...

Overcoming the Fear: Breeding Monsters by Trevor Conway
Posted by Trevor Conway in > Interviews > Poets

I think fear gets a bad rap. True, it affects us in negative ways. It causes us to worry, to get stressed. It coats our palms in salty sweat, shoots...

Flower Press by Alice Kinsella
Posted by Alice Kinsella in > Interviews > Poets

It feels like my poetry collection, Flower Press, has come into existence both very slowly and incredibly quickly. I never set out to write a poetry collection. I definitely never...

All In The Lingo: Colm Keegan On Dublin’s Most Exciting New Year Literary Event
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Lingo, Ireland’s Spoken Word Festival, is again linking in with NYF Dublin to curate two spoken word events to ring in 2017. Here’s poet and Lingo Co-founder Colm Keegan with...

Bringing a Major Irish Poet Back Home by Nessa O’Mahony
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As my co-editor Siobhán Campbell writes in the introduction to Eavan Boland: Inside History, a new book of essays and poems on the work of one of Ireland’s leading poets...

Kerrie O’Brien’s Illuminate
Posted by Kerrie O'Brien in > Interviews > Poets

As I child I spent most of my time in bookshops and libraries. Reading was my escapism. When I was 16, I received a book of Nan Goldin’s photography and...