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Are you a writer? Tell us about yourself and your writing here. What does writing mean to you? How do you approach it? How have you achieved your goals? Share your stories with your fellow writers. Visit our Tell Your Own Story page for details of how to submit your story to Writing & Me.

Behind a Blasphemous Romp: My Stolen Church by Tom Quinn
Posted by Tom Quinn in , .

I guess my journey to becoming a writer started with the discovery in 1978 of a sin that God would not forgive. Those of you of “a certain age” will...

Evolution in Motion: The Erris Starship by Denis McClean
Posted by Denis McClean in , .

Contrary to popular thinking, evolution didn’t retire once people emerged from the mists to go about the business of taming primordial landscapes. Evolution is alive and well and Irish writing...

The Antithesis Of The Irish Misery Memoir by Colman Rushe
Posted by Colman Rushe in , .

My parents did me no favours as a writer. It seems to me that most writers, especially Irish ones, were blessed with parents who imparted sufficient neuroses to sustain them...

Some Days Are Better Than Ours by Barbara Byar
Posted by Barbara Byar in , .

I didn’t set out to write a collection of Tragedies but, like life sometimes, it just worked out that way. A challenging year full of professional and personal setbacks was...

War of Light and Darkness by Forest Blackwood
Posted by Forest Blackwood in , .

My journey into writing and books in general started quite early! Already when I was in elementary school, I started to take books stealthily from the city library, and it...

Timeless in Kildare by Ink Tank Creative Writers Group
Posted by Maria McDonald in , .

Something very special happened in Newbridge Community Library on Friday 4th October at 7 pm with the launch of a new anthology penned by local writers as part of the...

The naughty Naughty Chair by Connie Jessop
Posted by Connie Jessop in , .

Connie Jessop has always wanted to write books.  She was just waiting for a “big idea”, an original concept. That came in the form of a picture book called Alex...

The Characters I Create by Sara J. Bernhardt
Posted by Sarah J. Bernhardt in , .

Many people ask where I get my characters from.  The funny thing is, I do not base them on real people or create them as people who would make a...

Dolly Considine’s Hotel by Eamon Somers
Posted by Eamon Somers in , .

When I was twenty, I abandoned my full-time job as an admin assistant in a central heating company to become a full-time writer. Yes, I was a foolish dreamer. But...

Truth Be Told: My Writing Journey by Christina Goetz
Posted by Christina Goetz in , .

Writing this book was an amazing journey and a transformative experience. I had to move abroad and venture out into the world to with connect my deepest core wounds on...