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Are you a writer? Tell us about yourself and your writing here. What does writing mean to you? How do you approach it? How have you achieved your goals? Share your stories with your fellow writers. Visit our Tell Your Own Story page for details of how to submit your story to Writing & Me.

The naughty Naughty Chair by Connie Jessop
Posted by Connie Jessop in , .

Connie Jessop has always wanted to write books.  She was just waiting for a “big idea”, an original concept. That came in the form of a picture book called Alex...

The Characters I Create by Sara J. Bernhardt
Posted by Sarah J. Bernhardt in , .

Many people ask where I get my characters from.  The funny thing is, I do not base them on real people or create them as people who would make a...

Dolly Considine’s Hotel by Eamon Somers
Posted by Eamon Somers in , .

When I was twenty, I abandoned my full-time job as an admin assistant in a central heating company to become a full-time writer. Yes, I was a foolish dreamer. But...

Truth Be Told: My Writing Journey by Christina Goetz
Posted by Christina Goetz in , .

Writing this book was an amazing journey and a transformative experience. I had to move abroad and venture out into the world to with connect my deepest core wounds on...

The Actor: My Grandfather, Ira Allen by Cecil Allen
Posted by Cecil Allen in , .

You never know what will happen when you write a book. I wrote the book The Actor to celebrate the life and work of my grandfather, Ira Allen. Ira was...

A Northern Areas Poet’s Spiritual Journey by Abigail George
Posted by Abigail George in , .

I live like a recluse. Few visitors come to the house to see me, except the delicious friends of my mother’s, and stalwarts of my father, comrades from the old...

Inspired by New Orleans: Killing Angels by Michael McGovern
Posted by Michael McGovern in , .

Faith conquers all. At least that’s what a lot of the fiction from the past has told us. Vampires will burn at the touch of holy water, and recoil at...

In This Moment by Jacqueline Shakespeare
Posted by Jacqueline Shakespeare in , .

I am a working mother with two children. At times, like every other working mother, I’ve felt exhausted with the reality of just making it through the day. Weary from...

The Ahava Order by Robert Przybylski
Posted by Robert Przybylski in , .

“People busy with everyday lives want to escape to a world surrounded by magic.” Before turning to writing, I was fond of photography. Our family had relocated to a small...

Whispers In The Wind: The Search For Jack The Ripper by Del Garrett
Posted by Del Garrett in , .

In my early days as a writer I looked for the easy way to write a story—prefabricated plots, following a rigid outline—and read all the writer magazines that said do...