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Are you a writer? Tell us about yourself and your writing here. What does writing mean to you? How do you approach it? How have you achieved your goals? Share your stories with your fellow writers. Visit our Tell Your Own Story page for details of how to submit your story to Writing & Me.

The Merrow’s Chorus by Gerard Quinn
Posted by Gerard Quinn in , .

To think that I actually thought all I needed to do was write my book. The book that I had not written a single word of in over eight years....

Using Pastiche to Create Convincing Historical Fiction by Matthew de Lacey Davidson
Posted by Matthew de Lacey Davidson in , .

Almost any time I put metaphorical pen to paper, a great deal of research has preceded the action. Perhaps this is due to my academic background; or maybe just because...

You Are What You Write: Broken Mirrors by Marie McWilliams
Posted by Marie McWilliams in , .

Why do writers write?  It may seem like an odd question, but when you think about the risk they are taking, pouring their heart and soul into a book, short...

A Wicklow Girl by Brian O’Dowd
Posted by Brian O'Dowd in , .

“Da I’m off, gives a lift to the boat?”  Often heard from the Rathgar red brick. “So long, Da!”  Awkward handshake by DunLeary pier, the precious few quid transferred for...

Did You Put The Weasels Out? by Niall Burke
Posted by Niall Burke in , .

My journey to publishing Did You Put The Weasels Out? started a nearly 4 years ago. I was 32 at time and, for many years, I had wanted to be...

Look How Big the Sky Is by Emily Nagle
Posted by Emily Nagle in , .

Look How Big the Sky Is is a YA novel follow the story of a 17-year-old KJ Brown, who embarks on a road trip around Ireland to try and find...

Writing & Me by Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix
Posted by Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix in , .

My name is Pierre-Olivier Lombarteix. I live in Central France. I am a French academic but I also happen to write crime fiction. I have been writing books for about...

Writing and Me by Nicola Whelan
Posted by Nicola Whelan in , .

My name is Nicola Whelan. I have had small personal articles published before in American medical journals and also British medical journals in relation to PKU (Phenylketonuria, a rare genetic...

A Writer’s Story by Alan Keating
Posted by Alan Keating in , .

I decided to attempt writing in my early 50’s because I read somewhere that the process can be valuable, for numerous reasons. The first scribbles showed promise but were too...

Two Journeys Home: The Derrynane Saga Continues by Kevin O’Connell
Posted by Kevin O'Connell in , .

The proof copies of the “latest book” nestle side-by-side on a shelf in my study with those of the first one – now some eighteen months after Beyond Derrynane was...

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