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Are you a writer? Tell us about yourself and your writing here. What does writing mean to you? How do you approach it? How have you achieved your goals? Share your stories with your fellow writers. Visit our Tell Your Own Story page for details of how to submit your story to Writing & Me.

Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity by Robert E. Kearns
Posted by Robert D. Kearns in , .

Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity  was released through Black Rose Writing in early 2019. It’s based in part on the mythical island of Hy Brasil, which is Ireland’s answer to...

Martin Sheridan: Mayo’s Famous Son by Margaret Molloy
Posted by Margaret Molloy in , .

My reason for writing the book was to ensure that Martin Sheridan would be remembered for his outstanding achievements as an Olympic champion, as a gifted athlete, as a policeman...

On Writing Celtic Road Home by Ann Doolan-Fox
Posted by Ann Doolan-Fox in , .

“A rolling stone gathers no moss!” This was a popular phrase my Dad would often quote during each home visit from living abroad in the mid 1980s. At the mere...

The Poetry of Commonplace Objects by Star Saint Claire
Posted by Star Saint Claire in , .

Once a week I teach a writing class to three women. I tell them of the muse, how she meets us where we are, and helps us make poetry from...

Never Not in my Thoughts by Eithne Cullen
Posted by Eithne Cullen in , .

I’m really pleased to have published my second novel. It’s very different from my first, which was based on a real person; this is a work of fiction. It’s a...

Writing & Me by Howard Edmunds
Posted by Howard Edmunds in , .

Here we go about me: if asked to do this prior to 12 December 2018 I would have found this task impossible but now 1,000 words seem too little. For...

The Shadow Beyond by Daniel Reiner
Posted by Daniel Reiner in , .

Anyone familiar with American college basketball will know the name of Dick Vitale, aka, Dickie V. In the 1970’s, he did a respectable job as the head coach of the...

My Writing Life by Tracy Ryden
Posted by Tracy Ryden in , .

A couple of years ago, one Sunday afternoon, I was visiting my parents’ house with my husband and our two children. It was an afternoon that would change my life...

When Things Were Great! The Writing of the Novel by Eamonn Francis Kelly
Posted by Eamonn Francis Kelly in , .

When Things Were Great! arose from a short story I had written called Notton Doon which was based on a character or “voice” that I used to do for fun....

The Loss of Letter Writing By Olivia Rana
Posted by Olivia Rana in , .

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. ~Phyllis Theroux When I was in primary school one of my friends moved to...