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The Connollys: A Nest of Irish Rebels by Mike Connolly
Posted by Michael Connolly in , .

Well, it finally happened, we went to Dublin and launched “the BOOK” on 23 May in Liberty Hall Dublin. We had a good turnout on the night with about 60...

We Don’t Grow on Trees by hwneild
Posted by hwneild in , .

The aim of my work is primarily to produce good entertainment to the widest possible demographic, however cultish and niche my novels may appear; widely accessible literature yet hard to...

Walk East Until I Die: A Trek Through Irish History and Beyond by Mike Pinnock
Posted by Mike Pinnock in , .

I was born near Portsmouth, England in 1945 and lived my childhood within the Royal Dockyard as my Dad was dockyard copper. I only finally managed to escape the confines...

Respiring Ruin by Pragadish Kirubakaran and Nikitha Sathi
Posted by Pragadish Kirubakaran and Nikitha Sathi in , .

Introductions… When we (Pragadish Kirubakaran and Nikitha Sathi) first started writing poetry together, we did so with an air of frivolity. However, as we kept writing, we soon realized that...

Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas From? by Olivia Rana
Posted by Olivia Rana in , .

  I teach a course in novel writing at Queen’s University Belfast, and one of the questions that often comes up is ‘how do writers get their ideas?’ An idea...

Woodcutter by Shaun Baines
Posted by Shaun Baines in , .

My debut novel Woodcutter has been launched by Thistle Publishing, bringing about a change in life that has already had a number of curveballs. Like Batman and Bruce Wayne, I...

Layla’s Song by Paul McCracken
Posted by Paul McCracken in , .

I started writing at the age of nineteen after attending a short five day film making course for the unemployed. I was the nervous, shy and quiet kid but I...

Circumference by Mark Ward
Posted by Mark Ward in , .

Ideas can come from the strangest places. There was a docudrama about Peter Wildeblood, a British man who was tried in 1954 for homosexual acts, who later testified before the...

Our Diligent Souls by Emer G.M. Lawless
Posted by Emer Lawless in , .

  Capturing a publishing company in the first three chapters was not what I set out to achieve. Writing Our Diligent Souls, I aimed to tell the story of a...

The Merrow’s Chorus by Gerard Quinn
Posted by Gerard Quinn in , .

To think that I actually thought all I needed to do was write my book. The book that I had not written a single word of in over eight years....

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