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Literary Fiction

Writing What I Worry About: Skin by E.M. Reapy
Posted by E.M. Reapy in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

Skin is a story about a woman, Natalie, who struggles with binge eating and anxiety and is spurred to travel to ‘find herself,’ literally and metaphorically. We see her journey...

Night Swimming by Doreen Finn
Posted by Doreen Finn in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

Book 2 was actually Book 1. Night Swimming, out this month, was the first proper, finished, fully formed novel that I wrote. My Buried Life, which celebrates its fourth revolution...

Oh When the Saints by Peter Money
Posted by Peter Money in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

My mentor was a Beat Poet and he had a peculiar affinity for the ‘strange familiar’. Along Exchequer Street, where I sit under two sound systems, my life—so far—is strange...

Making Space: Saltwater by Jessica Andrews
Posted by Jessica Andrews in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

Saltwater is a fictional novel with roots in my own experiences. I have always liked thinking about the tiny details that make up a life; the Kiwi shoe polish my...

Farzaneh and the Moon by Matt Wilven
Posted by Matt Wilven in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

Only Pig-Headed Dogs Can Write Novels ‘Everybody has a book in them’ – so the saying goes. Rest assured, this is nonsense. Being able to write a piece of high-quality...

The Failing Heart by Eoghan Smith
Posted by Eoghan Smith in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

Many years ago, while idling away at postgraduate studies, I lived in an overpriced, rundown basement flat somewhere near Dublin’s Grand Canal. The fault was my own, for I insisted...

Love Notes from a German Building Site by Adrian Duncan
Posted by Adrian Duncan in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

The Weight of a Text In September 2008 I left my job as a structural engineer to enrol in a fine art degree course. I had been working for a...

True to my Own Imagination: Reparation by Gaby Koppel
Posted by Gaby Koppel in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

Of all the hours of advice on creating fiction I’ve sat through , the one sentence that really made me sit up was  ‘Write about what you know’.  But my...

Just Too Much, or Not Enough? Orchid & the Wasp by Caoilinn Hughes
Posted by Caoilinn Hughes in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

A few years ago, I started working on a novel. A type of novel that didn’t yet seem to exist. Not zombies in space; not aliens on Tinder; not a...

A Novel about Female Memory: The Glass Door by R.M. Clarke
Posted by R.M. Clarke in > Interviews > Literary Fiction

Since the #MeToo movement uncoiled and private matters have become public – Belfast, Blasey – women have been on trial for their memories. Female experience has always been branded ‘alleged’,...