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Speculative Fiction

Out of the Darkness with New York Times Bestseller Leigh Bardugo

It was a moment of pure terror that set Leigh Bardugo onto a path that led her to the sensational New York Times bestselling Grisha trilogy and critical acclaim from...

Hugh Howey talks ‘Dust’ to Catherine Ryan Howard
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in > Interviews > Special Guests > Speculative Fiction

An entire society dwells in an enormous, underground silo. Their only view of what remains of the outside world is a television screen that transmits images captured by video-cameras mounted...

Building Strange New Worlds: Michael J. Martinez

Michael J. Martinez has spent two decades in journalism and communications, most notably with The Associated Press and ABCNews.com. After spending all that time telling other people’s stories, he decided...

Demons at his heels: The writing life of Peter V. Brett by Michael J. Martinez

The Brasserie Ruhlmann, in New York City’s historic Rockefeller Center, is the kind of place you’d expect literary folks to frequent. It has dark mahogany wood paneling, tile floors, plush...

A Remembrance of Russell Hoban 1925-2011
Posted by Kevin Holohan in > Special Guests > Speculative Fiction

While I lived in Spain I adopted the flag of convenience when it came to superstition about the 13th day of the month.  If it fell on a Friday, I would...