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Getting Started in Poetry

So, You Wanna be a Poet? by Peadar O’Donoghue
Posted by Peadar O'Donoghue in , .

The difficult second album. If, like me, you don’t get your first collection published ‘til you are fifty years old, then you have a whole lot of life to go...

The Monday Night Cure: Organising Live Events by Abby Oliveira
Posted by Abby Oliveira in , .

The Beginning Back in January of 2015, while I was wrapped around a mug of extra-strong coffee in Sandino’s Bar  in Derry, the bar’s owner (and long-time supporter of local...

What Makes a Writer? by Alison Hackett
Posted by Alison Hackett in , .

Am I a writer? I think so. Most mornings I read the paper and within a couple of articles find myself reaching for the laptop to write a letter to...

Madrid Is (Still) A Woman; Inspiration for ‘Keeping Bees’ by Dimitra Xidous
Posted by Dimitra Xidous in , .

It took 7 years to make Keeping Bees. And a broken heart.  And some guts.  A lot of guts. I won’t go back to the beginning – to the broken...

Get Past the Fear of Poetry with Susan Lindsay
Posted by Susan Lindsay in , .

Poetry is irrelevant or has elitist language you find patronisingly offensive? It’s archaic. You don’t understand poetry and contemporary poems just aren’t poetry at all, they don’t even rhyme… The...

Thoughts for Budding Poets from Liz Cowley

I think pretty well all of us are poets at heart – it’s just that most of us don’t dare to ‘come out,’ fearful that our ramblings would be embarrassing...

100 Poems in 30 Days
Posted by Colin Dardis in , .

Recently, I set myself a challenge: to write 100 poems in only 30 days. I had previous seen on Facebook a few other people set themselves writing rencounters, and wanted...

Writing Poetry: Where to Start
Posted by Maggie Smith Hurt in , .

I started out as a fiction writer – I liked a good story, loved to read, wanted to convey a human condition. Then, I took one great poetry class and...

Blogging about Poetry and Literature,· a discussion on licensing original work
Posted by Christine Murray in , .

It is a propitious time to begin discussing the protection of original works, given the expansion of specialised internet usage, be it through sites such as Wrting.ie, or the huge...

Mary O’Donnell: What Poetry Is
Posted by Mary O'Donnell in , .

Like many satisfying things, poetry can be difficult to define.  I am reluctant to be categorical about what exactly a poem is, yet it seems to me that a good...