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A Sauce Stealer by Margarita Meklina
Posted by Fred Johnston in , , .

The short story never died, though some commentators rather glory in the notion that in Ireland it is undergoing a renaissance.  In Europe, the form has always had a seat...

Fur Coat & No Knickers by Adrienne Vaughan
Posted by swirlandthread in .

‘A captured moth, the memory holds Releasing as the wings unfold… Then let it free, we need not fear Such other worlds exist, it’s clear’ ( Excerpt from Another Time,...

Trouble is Our Business edited by Declan Burke
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in .

Trouble is Our Business: New Stories by Irish Crime Writers Declan Burke, editor (New Island Books 2016, Hard Cover) 346 pages, cover price n/a A good anthology holds the same pleasure...

Flying Between Words by Danuta Błaszak
Posted by Anna Banasiak in .

THE ART OF FLYING: anthology of poems,short stories and memoirs dedicated to the art of flying “Flying Between Words” is a poetic transformation of time and soul, searching for rooting in...

When Giraffes Flew by Jeff Weddle
Posted by Orla McAlinden via orlamcalinden.com in .

Following the example of Irish Novelist Jan Carson (Malcolm Orange Disappears and Childrens’ Children, both by Liberties Press) I spent the shortest month reading short story collections, and there were...

Children’s Children by Jan Carson
Posted by Orla McAlinden, Greenbean Novel Fair Finalist, www.orlamcalinden.com in .

In reading, as in life, it is important to acknowledge and face one’s own prejudices and bigotries. Two years ago, when sent a debut novel by a Northern Irish writer...

Handbook of the Irish Revival: An Anthology of Irish Cultural and Political Writings 1891-1922
Posted by Berni Dwan in .

As a student of his, over the years I have always made it my business to buy anything written, complied or edited by Declan Kiberd. Most recently it was Handbook...

A Slanting Of The Sun by Donal Ryan
Posted by Margaret Madden, BleachHouseLibrary.ie in , .

A collection of twenty short stories, from one of Ireland’s most loved authors, this is Donal Ryan’s third published title. The consecutive successes of The Spinning Heart and The Thing...

Better Than My Own Life by Laura Weddle
Posted by Orla McAlinden in .

I have been delving into single-author collections of short stories lately, and for some reason, several have been based in the Southern States of the United States. Debra Leigh Scott’s...

Young Irelanders edited by Dave Lordan
Posted by Berni Dwan in , .

Rebels with new causes. The Young Irelander’s Rebellion in 1840’s Ireland may have been a failure, but like every other rebellion in Ireland, it rekindled the dying embers just enough...