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Flying Zebras and Dancing Cheese: Writing for Children by Debbie Thomas
Posted by Debbie Thomas in , .

This article was originally titled ‘How to write for children’. But there are millions of ways to do that and millions of children with millions of tastes. Then it became...

An Essential YA Reading List by Claire Hennessy
Posted by Claire Hennessy in , .

If you read a lot of author interviews or FAQs you’re probably sick of seeing this bit of advice: ‘make sure you read lots of [genre/field X!] if you want...

Prints and Paints: Designing Socks for Mr Wolf by Tatyana Feeney
Posted by Tatyana Feeney in , .

My books have been described as “deceptively simple”, a description that I have never been fully comfortable with. Perhaps this comment is a reference to the spare text or the...

The ‘Issue’ with YA Fiction by Claire Hennessy
Posted by Claire Hennessy in , .

Sometimes, as a writer, introducing yourself is a terrifying thing. You mightn’t know this, but people do presume published authors are psychic, that we can instantly access the answers to...

Balancing the Political with the Personal in Fiction: Harvesting by Lisa Harding
Posted by Lisa Harding in , .

Harvesting, my debut novel, was a tricky one to place in the world of publishing today. Told from the perspective of two teenage girls who get caught up in the...

A Whole New Readership: Gold by Geraldine Mills

I was facilitating a workshop some weeks ago with fourth class and one of the young girls asked me why I had switched from writing for adults to that of...

Writing Fantastical Worlds by Ruth Frances Long & E. R. Murray
Posted by Ruth Frances Long and ER Murray in .

Two different writers, two different age groups, and two different publishers – but Ruth Frances Long and E.R. Murray are both writing urban fantasy books set in Dublin. A Hollow...

Writing Fairy Tale Retellings that Stand Out by Betsy Cornwell
Posted by Betsy Cornwell in .

Every few years, someone announces that “fairy tale retellings are back!” In truth, however, retellings are just about the oldest kind of story there is. Sure, technically the first story...

Want to Write for Children? Patricia Murphy Explains
Posted by Patricia Murphy in .

My main qualification for writing for children is that I used to be one. Just like everyone else. So I believe we all have the potential to write for kids....

Picture Books: To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme by Sarah Webb
Posted by Sarah Webb in .

  I was doing some intense thinking about picture books last night. My writing class asked me why I’m not keen on rhyming picture books and I didn’t have a...