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Genre: Misery Lit, Anyone? (Part 2) by Shane Dunphy
Posted by Shane Dunphy in , .

A further thing that gets brought up regularly when discussing misery lit is the issue of ethics – I get asked about them a lot.  Am I not breaching confidentiality...

Genre: Misery Lit, Anyone? (Part 1) by Shane Dunphy
Posted by Shane Dunphy in , .

I was contacted by an American reader recently, who was in a state of distress.  She had posted on the Facebook page of the writer Cathy Glass.  Cathy is the...

Five Tips for Planning a Memoir by Martin Cavannagh
Posted by Martin Cavannagh in , .

Martin Cavannagh is a writer for Reedsy, a marketplace with tools that allows authors and publishers to find top editorial, design and marketing talent. Over 3,000 books have been published...

Editing Personal Diaries for Publication by Cormac K.H. O’Malley
Posted by Cormac K.H. O’Malley in , , .

There were many issues involved in publishing ‘Nobody’s Business’: The Aran Diaries of Ernie O’Malley which might be of interest to anyone who reads a published diary or who might...

Memoir and Memory: My Father’s Wake by Kevin Toolis
Posted by Kevin Toolis in , .

‘I’ve got a book in me too.’ For a writer it must be the most depressing sentence in the English, Irish, or any language; the casual conversation with a relative...

Memoir Writing: A Book of Untruths by Miranda Doyle
Posted by Miranda Doyle in , .

Let’s face it: memoir is a disreputable genre. It’s often miserable, sometimes ghosted, and relies upon a shaky memory to pretend its truths.  In the end the promise that we...

Co Writing Trapped In Iran: Ups and Downs by Kaylene Petersen
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The truth is, Trapped in Iran was not planned in any great detail. As professional – and impressive  ­–  as it may sound to say Samieh and I sat down...

Memoir: Why Fact is Stranger Than Fiction by Alana Kirk

The wonderful Nora Ephron summed it up beautifully when she said in one of the essays from her memoir I Hate my Neck: “ I can’t believe how real life...

Ghost Writing And The Story Within…by Mary Malone
Posted by Mary Malone in .

Ghost Writing came to me in an email. My name had been put forward to a young Limerick lady, Patricia Ingle, who was setting out to write her story after...

An Accidental Memoir by Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in .

Memoirs have become increasingly popular in recent years.   Since Julius Ceasar published accounts of his battle years around 50BC, memoirs have been a constant presence in published literature. But in...

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