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Getting Paid for your Writing

Ghostwriting Opportunities: The Pros & Cons by a Real-Life Ghost “So, you write ghost stories?” “Well, yes, sometimes… horror is one of my genres, but it could be any genre,...

Read, Inspire, Connect: The Pigeonhole Digital Bookclub
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Sometimes it can be a struggle coming up with original and inventive ways to market new books, create a buzz around their publication, and form some kind of connection between...

Date With An Agent 2019: Agent Dates Announced

From almost 500 applicants, the following 60 people have been invited to attend Date With An Agent 2019, as part of International Literature Dublin, presented in partnership with Writing.ie. The standard...

Splonk: A New Irish Flash E-zine
Posted by Nuala O’Connor in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

Splonk is a brand new flash e-zine based in Ireland. The Splonk team, which may expand, are myself Nuala O’Connor, as editor-in-chief, and my co-editors are Adam Trodd, Marie Gethins, Robert...

Kickstarter Campaign for STORGY Magazine’s Shallow Creek Anthology
Posted by Brian Wilson in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

Brian Wilson, winner of the Shallow Creek Short Story Competition, writes: Participating in the STORGY Shallow Creek short story competition was an absolute blast from start to finish. I was...

Author to Commissioning Editor: Conor Kostick at Level Up Publishing
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Earlier in the month, Irish author Conor Kostick was recruited by the UK’s Ockham Publishing to lead a new imprint, Level Up Publishing. Writing.ie caught up with Conor to find...

Oceanofpdf: An Ocean of Piracy by Michelle Walshe
Posted by Michelle Walshe in > The Big Idea

There’s no love here. Not of words, not of books, not of authors. It’s like Love Island, there’s no love there either.  It’s just cold, hard opportunism, self-aggrandising, egotistical, tunnel-vision...

New Irish Independent Authors’ Collective
Posted by Amanda J Evans in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

The writing scene in Ireland is vast and filled with amazing opportunities for those wishing to forge a career penning the next best seller. Writers can attend events, conferences, and...

Why You Need a VPN as an Author by Kim Martin
Posted by Kim Martin in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

The battle for network security is escalating continuously. The more gadgets we have and the better the technologies become, the higher danger of being hacked and monitored our devices face....

International Support for PEN’s Freedom to Write Campaign Protest At Murder of Maltese Journalist

The following letter was published simultaneously in newspapers across the world on Monday 16th April 2018,  six months after the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. This action was co-ordinated...