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The Big Idea

Oceanofpdf: An Ocean of Piracy by Michelle Walshe
Posted by Michelle Walshe in > The Big Idea

There’s no love here. Not of words, not of books, not of authors. It’s like Love Island, there’s no love there either.  It’s just cold, hard opportunism, self-aggrandising, egotistical, tunnel-vision...

New Irish Independent Authors’ Collective
Posted by Amanda J Evans in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

The writing scene in Ireland is vast and filled with amazing opportunities for those wishing to forge a career penning the next best seller. Writers can attend events, conferences, and...

Why You Need a VPN as an Author by Kim Martin
Posted by Kim Martin in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

The battle for network security is escalating continuously. The more gadgets we have and the better the technologies become, the higher danger of being hacked and monitored our devices face....

International Support for PEN’s Freedom to Write Campaign Protest At Murder of Maltese Journalist

The following letter was published simultaneously in newspapers across the world on Monday 16th April 2018,  six months after the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. This action was co-ordinated...

BOLD GIRLS for International Women’s Day

In the centenary of Irish women’s suffrage, Children’s Books Ireland‘s BOLD GIRLS initiative is a multi-faceted celebration of brave, intelligent, strong women and girls in children’s books. BOLD GIRLS is...

So I’ve Finished My Book – Now What Do I Do?

With January over and those New Years resolutions underway, we’ve recently had a flow of inquiries from new writers who have finished their books and want to know what they...

Into the Light: Yoga and Creative Writing Retreat

Sit back, relax and now… write! Sounds crazy, right? Surely we produce our best work when we are pent up with frustration, anger or passion. We manage to squeeze more...

Outstanding New Book Releases for 2018 by Margaret Bonass Madden
Posted by Margaret Bonass Madden in > The Big Idea

One of the benefits of being a book reviewer is receiving advance copies of titles, often months before publication. Often, these books come with unadorned or unfinished covers and with...

The Genesis of Belfast Girls by Jaki McCarrick
Posted by Jaki McCarrick in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

At the beginning of 2010, my play Leopoldville won the Papatango New Writing Prize. Based on a true story, the play is set in an Irish border town and explores...

Project VOICE: What Good Can Writers Do?
Posted by Catherine Banner in > News for Writers > The Big Idea

For as long as I can remember I have believed in the power of stories – to connect us, to challenge us, to open up experiences of other worlds and...

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