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The Life and Loves of E. Nesbit by Eleanor Fitzsimons
Posted by Eleanor Fitzsimons in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

When I was a child, my favourite author by far was E. Nesbit. I have absolutely no memory of how she came to my attention first, or when I realized...

The Salamanca Diaries: Father McCabe and the Spanish Civil War by Tim Fanning
Posted by Tim Fanning in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

I became interested in the Spanish Civil War about fourteen years ago when I began to make frequent visits to Spain. Between 2007 and 2008, I lived in Palma de...

Fifty Years On by Malachi O’Doherty
Posted by Malachi O'Doherty in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

Fifty Years On is my eighth published book and I have a few others that need a bit more work on them and might never be published. All of my...

Cracking the Puzzle Book Challenge: Conundrum by Brian Clegg
Posted by Brian Clegg in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

Sometimes as a writer, the spur to start on a project is frustration in not being able to find the book you want. I enjoy cryptic and mind-bending puzzles, but...

The Shepherd and the Morning Star by Willie Orr
Posted by Willie Orr in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

The Shepherd and the Morning Star is inspired by rejection. My father’s life, which was colourful rather than exemplary, I portrayed as a novel and submitted the MS to several...

Another Biography of Oscar Wilde: Oscar, A Life by Matthew Sturgis
Posted by Matthew Sturgis in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

I sometimes feel that it is necessary to apologize for writing another biography of Oscar Wilde; or, at least, to offer an explanation for undertaking such a project. Certainly there...

A Bloody Dawn: The Irish at D-Day by Dan Harvey
Posted by Dan Harvey in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

My interest in the Second World War began during my childhood in Cork during the 1960s and ’70s, when the war was not long over. When our neighbours needed a...

WE Summit Together – A Collection of Empowering Stories by Empowered Women
Posted by Donna Kennedy in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

Today we live in a fast-paced world of comparisons and ideologies. By the minute we are subjected to standards of what we should be, what we should have and what...

The Doctor Who Sat for a Year by Brendan Kelly
Posted by Brendan Kelly in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

Meditating, Writing and the Wisdom of Confucius Writing about meditation is a little like dancing about architecture: you can certainly do it, but what exactly does it mean? And, for...

The Book of Healing Affirmations by Abby Wynne
Posted by Abby Wynne in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

When I got the call from Gill that my newest book, The Book of Healing Affirmations, had arrived in their office I had to drop everything and run over there...