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Bringing the Power of Small Way to Your Writing by Aisling and Trish Leonard-Curtin
Posted by Aisling and Trish Leonard-Curtin in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

What if you could achieve your big writing aspirations by taking small, manageable, cumulative actions that will help you expand your comfort zone and lead to more meaningful writing? We...

Focusing on 2019 (Part 2): Mind Body Soul Journal by Andrea Hayes
Posted by Andrea Hayes in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

In Part 1 of this article, I discussed the steps you can take to start making your writing dreams become a reality: Step 1: Letting go of comparisons – your...

Focusing on 2019 (Part 1): Mind Body Soul Journal by Andrea Hayes
Posted by Andrea Hayes in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

In 2016 I knew I wanted to start writing – I’d always journalled, but I felt it was time to tell my own story, I didn’t really know where to...

Are You the F***king Doctor? by Liam Farrell
Posted by Liam Farrell in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

‘You should publish a selection of your columns,’ said my partner, sounding a bit less irritated than usual. ‘My Collected Works, you mean,’ I said, with brief grandiose visions of...

The PEN International Women’s Manifesto launched by Anne Enright
Posted by Writing.ie in > General Interest > Non-Fiction

Irish PEN Award recipient, Man Booker prize winner Anne Enright launched the PEN International Women’s Manifesto in Ireland for Irish PEN on Sunday 18th November, to a packed house at...

Reconstructions by Steafán Hanvey
Posted by Steafán Hanvey in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

A few years back, my father emailed me a black-and white photograph of Main Street in Brookeborough, his home village in Co. Fermanagh. I used to spend my Easter holidays...

Becoming a Mother: Reflections on Adoptive Parenthood by Mari Gallagher
Posted by Mari Gallagher in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

Becoming a Mother – Reflections on Adoptive Parenthood took five years to write but realistically I have been mentally working on it since adopting my first child in 1999. The...

On Commitment: Falling for a Farmer by Maura McElhone
Posted by Maura McElhone in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

As our wedding day draws nearer, it may come as no surprise that “commitment” is on my mind. But the truth is, it had emerged as an important theme in...

Crean: The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero by Tim Foley
Posted by Tim Foley in > Interviews > Non-Fiction

After ten years compiling posts about Tom Crean to the supporters of the Facebook page and group that I created, writing this book was a natural progression for me. From a young age I’ve...

Why I wrote Matchstick Man by Julia Kelly
Posted by Julia Kelly in > Interviews > Memoir

I didn’t plan to write this book. I’d begun work on a new novel about a family wedding in Italy but I couldn’t concentrate; I was too overwhelmed by what...