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Beyond the Plateau: Absences, A Sequence by John A. Griffin
Posted by Emilia Russell in , .

Absences is a poem that doesn’t readily surrender its meaning, but then it is not entirely inscrutable either. There are obvious even certain clues when interrogated reveal an extraordinary and...

The Inexperienced Midwife by Miceál Kearney
Posted by Anne Marie Kennedy in .

Published by Arlen House, (September 2016), the front cover of Miceál Kearney’s latest poetry collection is astounding – an amniotic depiction of a pre-natal lamb, diaphanously clad and laid out...

Peacekeeper by Michael J. Whelan
Posted by Daniel Wade in .

Peacekeeper, by Michael J. Whelan, Doire Press, 80p, €12.00, ISBN: 978-1-907682-46-9 Review by Daniel Wade. In a 1732 letter addressed to Charles Wogan, Jonathan Swift wrote admiringly of the legions...

Here by Wislawa Szymborska
Posted by Anna Banasiak in .

The poetry book “Here” is a philosophical labirynth of the sense of existence. The reader can truly enjoy irony, simplicity and the truth of experience. The poet refers to the...

The Lie of the Land by Elaine Gaston
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in .

Doíre Press 2015, Trade paperback 79 pages, €12 cover price Something that massively annoyed me during my undergraduate years was when our Professor of Romantic Literature informed the class in...

In a Hare’s Eye by Breda Wall Ryan
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in .

Doíre Press 2015, Trade Paperback 79 pages, €12 cover price It’s no great feat of scholarship to state that a book of poetry is observational; all poetry and indeed all...

Maiden Names by Martin Dyar
Posted by Trevor Conway in .

Martin Dyar’s debut poetry collection, winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Award, is full of poems that are, in a way, more stories than poems. They present the most interesting details...

Session by Pete Mulllineaux
Posted by Anne Marie Kennedy in .

A Poet Prepared: Pete Mullineaux looks insightfully at traditional Irish music. Reviewer: Anne Marie Kennedy The Bristol born, Galway based poet, author and playwright Pete Mullineaux knows his way confidently...

Chopping Wood With T.S. Eliot by John Walsh
Posted by Christine Murray in , .

John Walsh’s Chopping Wood with T.S Eliot  published  by Salmon Poetry 2010 , is a taut wonderfully controlled collection of poems that forms a panoramic exposition of modernism but never once sacrifices form to...