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How to Write a Bulletproof Email Marketing Campaign
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When it comes to promoting books, email marketers have a lot of challenges to overcome, with the main problem being the short attention span that has been created by smartphones....

Shameless Self-Promotion for the Self-Published Author by Madeline Breen
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‘You kind of have to whore yourself out.’ That’s something I said in a conversation with the owner of a Wexford independent bookshop when discussing marketing. He had been telling...

5 Ways Self-Published Authors Can Find More Readers by Dave Chesson

As a self-publisher, your success rides on the number of new readers who are introduced to your work and enjoy your books as a result. In this article, we’ll go...

My Journey to the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair by Alison Wells
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The writing road can be a long and meandering one. I’ve been writing in earnest for many years alongside raising my four children, I’ve had short stories published and shortlisted...

Getting Your Work Noticed by Robert Craven
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The Endurance of the Author “Netizen” “For there’s no-one with endurance like the man who sells insurance.” (Crumit / Curtis 1935) Or the modern author too. Eighty-five years after this...

Pitching from the Pulpit: Preparing for a Public Reading by Robert Craven
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Situated along the River Liffey, past the Temple Bar area of Dublin stands Smock Alley Theatre. Founded in 1662 as a Theatre Royal (the only one ever built outside of London)...

Why Join Writing.ie? What Are The Benefits To You?
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Writing.ie was thrilled recently to win EU Business News Magazine’s prestigious award for Best Digital Writing Resource, on top of the Blogger Awards (silver and gold) that we have won...

How to Write a Book Launch Press Release by Jack Murray
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Let’s be honest, nobody sets out to write a bland book, so why would you want a lukewarm book launch? In order to achieve that best-seller status you’ll need to...

10 Things To Look Out For When Line Editing by Adriana Bielkova
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This is one of our most popular posts, but, as our archive is so huge, we know articles can get lost – so here are some vital tips for anyone intending...

Cover Love: Creating Irresistible Covers by Sam Blake
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There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your book cover art for the first time. When I was sent the original images for Little Bones, a point that it had taken...