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Setting Up a Travel Writing Blog by Kristen Klepac
Posted by Kristen Klepac in , , .

Shock and dismay where what I faced when I announced my move to Eastern Europe. Most of my family and friends didn’t even know where Poland was on a map...

Why All Authors Should Consider Doing a Blog Tour by Nick Jones
Posted by Nick Jones in .

When I published my debut children’s picture book Sarah’s Shadow in December last year, it didn’t occur to me to do a blog tour. I assumed it would be out...

Writing about Writing by Corina Duyn
Posted by Corina Duyn in , , .

Part of our identity and our abilities may be hidden away like treasures at the bottom of the sea until we are forced to find them. Tobi Zausner – When Walls Become...

Why Blogging Can Improve Your Writing by Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in .

Blogging is one of those activities that you either love or hate.  It can be seen as a global audience for narcissistic rantings, or a platform for the everyday Joe...

YAFictionados: How to Organise a Digital Event
Posted by Chris Moore in , .

Organising a digital event can seem pretty daunting but if you know what you want to achieve, that’s half the battle. When I published my first post to the YAfictionados...

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog by Hilary Smith
Posted by Hilary Smith in .

The Wizard of Oz affectionately informed the Tin Man that, “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” At...

The Importance of Blogging by ‘Navel Gazing’ Author Anne Putnam
Posted by Anne Putnam in , .

By the age of seventeen Anne Putnam weighed over twenty stone and had tried everything, from dieting to fat camp to wearing big t-shirts. When she decided to have weight-loss...

The Seven Foundations of Writing-Blog Success by Laurence O’Bryan
Posted by Laurence O'Bryan in .

For years I was sure I would never create a blog. It all sounded daft. What would I blog about anyway? Then I read that aspiring writers needed a blog....

Setting up an Author Blog (and why you need one)
Posted by Linda Forshaw in .

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we get started. A blog is not exactly the same as a website. Some authors (usually ones who are already well...

Mona Wise: Blogging to Success
Posted by Mona Wise in .

I started blogging in late 2007 with blogger.com (a free blogging platform). My first blog was called WiseIrishBlog and it was a great way for me to stay connected with...