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Writing a Blog: Five Important Factors to Consider by Jamshaid Chaudhary
Posted by Jamshaid Chaudhary in , .

How can you produce quality content for your blog when you simply don’t have the time? There may be many reasons why we are time poor but blogs are an...

Setting Up a Travel Writing Blog by Kristen Klepac
Posted by Kristen Klepac in , , .

Shock and dismay where what I faced when I announced my move to Eastern Europe. Most of my family and friends didn’t even know where Poland was on a map...

Why All Authors Should Consider Doing a Blog Tour by Nick Jones
Posted by Nick Jones in .

When I published my debut children’s picture book Sarah’s Shadow in December last year, it didn’t occur to me to do a blog tour. I assumed it would be out...

Writing about Writing by Corina Duyn
Posted by Corina Duyn in , , .

Part of our identity and our abilities may be hidden away like treasures at the bottom of the sea until we are forced to find them. Tobi Zausner – When Walls Become...

Why Blogging Can Improve Your Writing by Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in .

Blogging is one of those activities that you either love or hate.  It can be seen as a global audience for narcissistic rantings, or a platform for the everyday Joe...

YAFictionados: How to Organise a Digital Event
Posted by Chris Moore in , .

Organising a digital event can seem pretty daunting but if you know what you want to achieve, that’s half the battle. When I published my first post to the YAfictionados...

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog by Hilary Smith
Posted by Hilary Smith in .

The Wizard of Oz affectionately informed the Tin Man that, “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” At...

The Importance of Blogging by ‘Navel Gazing’ Author Anne Putnam
Posted by Anne Putnam in , .

By the age of seventeen Anne Putnam weighed over twenty stone and had tried everything, from dieting to fat camp to wearing big t-shirts. When she decided to have weight-loss...

The Seven Foundations of Writing-Blog Success by Laurence O’Bryan
Posted by Laurence O'Bryan in .

For years I was sure I would never create a blog. It all sounded daft. What would I blog about anyway? Then I read that aspiring writers needed a blog....

Setting up an Author Blog (and why you need one)
Posted by Linda Forshaw in .

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we get started. A blog is not exactly the same as a website. Some authors (usually ones who are already well...