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The Man With No Face by Peter May
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‘An explosive crime thriller set between the UK and Europe at the time of Britain joining the EU’  The Man With No Face is a book that was originally published in...

The Stepsister by Jenny O’ Brien
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She should never have let her go.  That was her first mistake.  She trusted him.  That was her second... The Stepsister is the latest book from Jenny O’ Brien and was...

The Branchman by Nessa O’Mahony
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Set in the aftermath of the Irish Civil War, Nessa O’Mahony has written a novel as historically important as Frank O’Connor’s ‘Guests of the Nation’. Set in 1925, Detective Michael...

Paris in the Dark by Robert Olen Butler
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‘Welcome to the City of Lights. Adventure awaits.’ Drawing on his own experience as a war veteran and news reporter, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Robert Olen Butler has created a thriller...

No Time to Cry ~ James Oswald
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Undercover ops are always dangerous, but DC Constance Fairchild never expected things to go this wrong. No Time to Cry is the latest novel from James Oswald one of the...

The House on Vesper Sands by Paraic O’ Donnell
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‘Ladies and gentlemen, the darkness is complete.’ Looking for something exciting? Looking for something dark and mysterious? Well look no further. The House on Vesper Sands is the latest novel from...

In The Court’s Hands by Fiona Gartland
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‘She is running from her past but it’s her future she should fear the most.’ Beatrice Barrington is a stenographer working in the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin. In...

Sins: New Irish Crime Stories by the3percenters
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Seven Deadly Sins. Eleven Killer Stories. SINS is a new anthology of crime fiction short stories from the3percenters. They are an authors’ collective and publishing partnership, originally associated with the annual...

The Lingering by SJI Holliday
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Control, Coercion and Retribution. Jack and Ali Gardiner arrive at Rosalind House running away from the life they have known. Jack worked for the police department in the very distressing...

The Golden Orphans by Gary Raymond
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“You are the painter?” he repeated. I nodded. “Mr Prostakov wishes to extend you an invitation to his home…” he handed me a card from his jacket pocket; “…at noon...