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The links below will take you to a series of PDF documents that support The National Emerging Writer Programme.

Click on each link to view. You will also find a comprehensive collection of articles and tips in our RESOURCES section – click on the purple tab/drop down menu above or click here to see our Writing Better Fiction sections on Getting Started, Plotting and Planning, The Art of Description, Character, Writing Dialogue , Writing for Children and Young Adults, Writing Winning Short Stories and a selection of Writers’ Tips.

We also have sections on Writing Better Non-Fiction, Writing Better Poetry and Writing for Stage and Screen – the drop down menus above will show you the numerous subsections.

Also look at Developing Your Craft and our extensive section on Getting Published : Digital Publishing, More Publishing Options, Submission Tips, Rights Royalties and Contracts, Submission Opportunities, Who’s Who in Irish Publishing, Irish Literary Agents, Irish Publishers

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The National Emerging Writer Programme PDF Support Materials

The National Emerging Writer Programme: Overview

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Structuring Your Story

Creating Characters

Writing Dialogue

Essential Tips from Carlo Gébler

Setting up a Writing Group

Recommended Reading

Coping with Rejection


Click here to view Starting to Write

Click here to view Telling the Story

Click here to view Revising Rewriting and Overcoming Obstacles

Watch The National Emerging Writer programme trailer here:

Now, get writing!



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