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Mining Memories

Ireland has undergone a dramatic period of social change in the past 80 years. We want to hear your memories, whether they are of childhood, work or travel, incident or accident or just an ordinary day. Do you remember rural electrification, or did you walk to school through the fields? Where were you when the Pope came to Ireland? Have you emigrated – how has this impacted you and your family? Tell us about your life and we can build a picture of Irish life to pass on to future generations. Poetry or prose welcome.

Writing & Me

What does writing mean to you? Has it changed your life? Did a letter make a difference to you? Have you had a story published? Did your wedding invitation contain a terrible typo? Tell us about you and writing.

Guideline word counts
  • Mining Memories up to 1500 words
  • Writing & Me up to 750 words
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