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A Keeper by Graham Norton
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

The truth drifts out to sea, riding the waves out of sight. And then the tide turns. A Keeper is the second novel from the best loved broadcaster Graham Norton. Following...

Honeysuckle and Custard Creams by Deirdre Foley
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘That’s what you get for going around with Protestants, Sinéad Reilly.’ A few months back I reviewed a book by Tony Doherty, entitled The Dead Beside Us. I was taken aback...

HellCorp by Jonathan Whitelaw
Posted by Adam Bennett in , , .

HellCorp puts you on The Devil’s side – there’s a little bit of bad in all of us. The Devil isn’t somebody that you’re supposed to like. In fact, you...

Half A World Away by Sue Haasler
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

Love is not always gentle and warm. Sometimes it brings destruction... I was really taken by this book and the story of Alex & Nicky, two star-crossed lovers. A little...

Her Mother’s Daughter by Alice Fitzgerald
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘Can you ever really leave your past behind?’ Her Mother’s Daughter is the debut novel from journalist and writer Alice Fitzgerald, just published with Allen & Unwin. It is a novel...

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin
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‘How would you live your life if you knew the day you were going to die?’ My review today is of the extremely thought-provoking novel, The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. Just published...

The Lost Girl by Carol Drinkwater
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , , .

‘A missing daughter. A desperate mother. A night that changes everything…’ The Lost Girl is quite a personal story for the author as can be seen from the dedication at the...

Only Child by Rhiannon Navin
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , , .

‘Zach’s story starts on the worst day of his life…. …..and takes him on a journey no-one could have expected.’ Only Child is the incredible debut written by Rhiannon Navin and...

On The Bright Side : The New Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

Nap time is over, the rheumatic rebel is back!’ On The Bright Side : The New Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen is the second in a series of books recounting the...

Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , , .

‘This book will teach you many things. Here are three of them: The fine threads of humanity will connect us all forever. There is so very much more to anyone...