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The Weight of Love by Hilary Fannin
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‘He sat up, pushed back the bedclothes, held her gaze, and she felt a bolt, a charge that made her want to sink to the floor. Here it is, she...

Kilimanjaro Snow by Gaile Parkin
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This snow sparkles! Kilimanjaro Snow is the third book in Gaile Parkin’s trilogy about the African adventures of the Tungaraza family. If you haven’t already read Baking Cakes In Kigali...

Saturdays at Noon by Rachel Marks
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‘One circle of strangers Two people who’d rather be anywhere else Three lives about to change for ever’ Saturdays at Noon is the debut novel from Rachel Marks and is published...

The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock by Jane Riley
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‘His life is perfectly regimented. Is there really any room for something as unpredictable as love?‘ Described as ‘uplifting and heartfelt‘ The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock  is published with Lake...

Saving Missy by Beth Morrey
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Meet Missy. A bit prickly. Very stubborn. Terribly lonely And it’s all her fault…. But does Missy deserve a second chance? Saving Missy is the debut novel from Beth Morrey. Published...

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins
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Yesterday Lydia had a bookshop Yesterday Lydia was married to a journalist Yesterday she was with everyone she loved most in the world Today, her eight-year-old son Luca is all...

The Dilemma by B.A. Paris
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Knowing the truth will destroy her… Keeping it secret will destroy him… The Dilemma – how far would you go to give someone you love a last few hours of...

Isabelle in the Afternoon by Douglas Kennedy
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Be prepared for emotional turmoil… Be prepared to be bereft… Isabelle in the Afternoon by Douglas Kennedy is about to be released into the world and it will completely capture your...

The Lost Ones by Anita Frank
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

Think Downton Abbey on Halloween…a beautifully told big house story touched with ghosts and tragedy’ – HQ Stories The Lost Ones is the debut novel by Anita Frank and is published for...

The Confession by Jessie Burton
Posted by Dymphna Nugent in , .

Jessie Burton is one of the finest storytellers of the modern era, she weaves a stunning, intricate web around different eras, different locations, or as in the case of The...