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The Paper Bracelet by Rachael English
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘Every baby’s bracelet held a mother’s secret…’ The Paper Bracelet is the latest novel from Irish writer Rachael English. Just published with Hachette Ireland, it is described as ‘a gripping and...

The Guest List by Lucy Foley
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

They all have a secret They all have a motive The bride The groom The bridesmaid The plus one The wedding planner The best man The past lover The body...

Kilimanjaro Snow by Gaile Parkin
Posted by Avid Reader in , .

This snow sparkles! Kilimanjaro Snow is the third book in Gaile Parkin’s trilogy about the African adventures of the Tungaraza family. If you haven’t already read Baking Cakes In Kigali...

The Snakes by Sadie Jones
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

The Snakes is the latest novel by Sadie Jones. Just published with Vintage, it is described as ‘a new captivating modern classic – a morality tale about human nature, money,...

The Liar’s Daughter by Claire Allan
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘There’s a monster in this family…’ Just recently published with Avon Books, The Liar’s Daughter is described as a ‘a gripping suspense novel about deadly secrets and lies…a twisty new thriller that...

The Sleeper Lies by Andrea Mara
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘One window Three Lies 24 days is all it takes’ The Sleeper Lies is the latest novel from Andrea Mara. Having just been published with Poolbeg Press it is garnering...

Saturdays at Noon by Rachel Marks
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘One circle of strangers Two people who’d rather be anywhere else Three lives about to change for ever’ Saturdays at Noon is the debut novel from Rachel Marks and is published...

Perfect Kill by Helen Fields
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘He had never heard himself scream before. It was terrifying’ Perfect Kill by Helen Fields is published with Avon Books. It is described as ‘a rollercoaster ride like no other…the...

The Honjin Murders by Seishi Yokomizo
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

Japan’s greatest classic murder mystery, now published for the first time in English with Pushkin Press. Every so often a book arrives at my door that really catches my eye....

Beast by Matt Wesolowski
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘A frozen girl A haunted town A deadly challenge Six Stories Which one is true?’ Beast is the fourth book in the Six Stories series of books featuring the elusive, online podcast...